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Comment Re:Hope they will fix the motion sickness problem (Score 1) 104

Are you talking about the VorpX/VireIO drivers for games that don't officially support Rift? If so, I can understand why that would be a problem, since the drivers are still being worked on and are not fleshed out entirely. I hear that VireIO is the worst of the two but that's only because it's also the earliest and rudimentary.

Btw, what computer are you using to render the games? I know framerate is a factor in it all.

One last thing is that Palmer did mention in a panel discussion at SXSW that he's interested in looking at things like inner ear stimulation methods to emulate motion and position. Though he's also aware that's just one of many ways to approach the same problem, and that he's willing to experiment in anything as long as it means getting something feasible for a consumer product.

Comment Re:Hope they will fix the motion sickness problem (Score 4, Informative) 104

The dev kit version already has latency tackled very well, so it's not really much of an issue. The HD prototype even further reduced it as well as adding the high res and removal of the screen door effect of the dev kit versions (due to low res display) that would exacerbate the issue.

Though understand that a lot of the motion sickness comes from the sudden, jarring and quick motions that are common with games nowadays. Games and demos being developed for the Rift are being designed with slower movement in mind to alleviate strain that the eyes may have. It really comes down not so much to the Rift itself but the developers and how they decide to design their games. Rift would work a whole lot better with Halo than it would Unreal Tournament.

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