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Submission + - Spam levels dropping by a third

ohtani writes: "In the past couple of days my co-worker had commented on how much less spam it appears he's been getting since the '07 new year. So after a quick check I found out he's not alone. SoftScan claims that spam levels suddenly dropped 30 per cent last week.

Possible reasons sited are a "broken botnet", as well as the earthquakes in Asia, PCs being replaced with new ones during Christmas or simply being turned off and later breaking. They do however make note that many of these reasons would attribute for such a large dip in spam. They also note that the amount of spam is still alarmingly high, being in the high 80 percentile of all e-mail.

I guess we'll need to see what happens in the upcoming weeks and months to really determine how much was affected by what factors. But let's hope it drops even more!"

Submission + - Apple unveils new iPhone and Widescreen iPod

poser101 writes: "According to breaking news from ABC News, Apple has unveiled their new iPhone and Widescreen iPod. ABC has not posted much information on the two devices yet, but according to the "Breaking News" headline, the iPhone will deliver music and videos and will also take phone calls. The iPhone will apparenly feature buttons that change according to the context in which the phone is being used."
The Courts

Submission + - SCO bankruptcy is "inevitable" and "im

mattaw writes: From analysis by Groklaw it seems that SCO may owe Novell nearly all the SCOSource licensing fees, and has been hiding the fact for 3 years

Imminent. Inevitable. Bankruptcy.

Those are the words from Novell's lawyers. Perhaps the IBM/SCO case could close earlier than planned? Perhaps we can finally be rid of this specter once and for all?

Submission + - First version of FooPlot released

An anonymous reader writes: Vector graphics technologies have given rise to a multitude of applications that run entirely within a web browser. The first version of FooPlot has been released, featuring live scrolling of 2-D function graphs, 3-D graphs generated entirely on the client side, and an easy-to-use URL: All one has to do is type:
for example. More promised features include connectivity to Google Spreadsheets, a multi-lingual interface, and online curve fitting.

Submission + - Small Company, Large Long-Term Storage Needed

Domascus writes: "I work for a small Application Hosting/Backup company; we have several customers that are in the medical imaging field. We need to store their medical images and SQL databases for six years at the minimum. One of our main customers has grown quickly and show very little signs of stopping anytime soon, they could easily outgrow our storage server this year.

What do the Network Admins and IT Tech out there use for large storage? Large NAS arrays, or did you just move to a SAN? If you moved to a SAN, did you hire someone to set it up, or is there someplace out there with good documentation on building a SAN?

Now here is the bigger question, how do you store this data for long term? My boss is vehemently against tapes, but we have too much data for DVDs (unless we want hundreds of DVDs). Is keeping it on spinning disk worth while?"

Submission + - SanDisk unveils the first digital flash DVD player

jcatcw writes: Lucas Mearian, Storage Editor at Computerworld.com, reports on SanDisk's initiative to create a new USB storage device that allows users to move digital content from their PCs to their TVs for viewing on a large screen. USBTV uses a small flash memory-enabled media player that plugs and plays directly onto almost any TV. The first pocket-size players are expected to be available this spring. SanDisk says no wireless setup or networking equipment is required.

Submission + - Brightest comet in decades now visible in sky

mlimber writes: Comet McNaught (C/2006 P1), the brightest comet in decades, is currently visible to the naked eye in the early evening and early morning sky for the northern hemisphere. The northern latitudes have the best view, but it can be seen even in the southern hemisphere during the day with the right equipment. Another image is available as NASA's astronomy picture of the day.

Submission + - The Astronomical Event Search Engine

eldavojohn writes: "Google is currently in collaboration with the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) project that will involve putting a powerful telescope in operation in Chile. Google's part will be to "develop a search engine that can process, organize and analyze the voluminous amounts of data coming from the instrument's data streams in real time. The engine will create 'movie-like windows' for scientists to view significant space events." Google's been successful on turning its search technology on several different media & realms. Will they be successful with helping scientists tag and catalog events in our universe?"

Submission + - Germany Searches Credit Cards for Child Porn Pay

narramissic writes: "According to an article on ITworld, police in the German state of Sachsen-Anhalt have teamed with credit card companies to sift through the transactions of over 22 million customers looking for those who may have purchased child pornography online. To date they have identified 322 suspects. From the article:
German data privacy laws allow police to ask financial institutions to provide data about individuals but only if the investigators meet certain conditions, including a concrete suspicion of illegal behavior and narrowly defined search criteria, according to Johann Bizer, deputy director of the Independent Center for Privacy Protection in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein.
In the case under investigation, police were aware of a child pornography Web site outside of Germany that was attracting users inside the country. And they asked the credit-card companies to conduct a database search narrowed to three criteria: a specific amount of money, a specific time period and a specific receiver account.

Submission + - Open nVidia linux drivers pledge near completion

Ciarán Mooney writes: "The Pledgebank drive to get $10,000 raised for Project Nouvaeu is almost complete and currently only needs 199 people to sign up to finish. Started by David Nielsen, heres a link to his blog explaining what he hopes will happen. If it reaches completion then thats a big plus for the Linux community, not just for Project Nouveau but who ever said that you needed big company backing to get money raised?"

Submission + - World's Largest LCD TV

ZeldorBlat writes: At the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Sharp has unveiled the largest consumer LCD TV measuring in at 108 inches. This beats the previous record held by a Samsung 102 inch plasma TV. From the article: "Sharp and its rivals also announced technological improvements to how LCDs render high-speed movement, cutting down on the staccato image trails that have so far made LCDs less smooth than plasma models."

Submission + - HDTV for the PC Finally Arrives

DigitalDan writes: "While you have been able to get HDTV broadcasts on your PC via the ATI HDTV Wonder for a while now, you were forced to watch only over-the-air broadcasts because of digital rights management issues. At CES yesterday though, AMD announced a product that would allow users to get HDTV from the cable companies on to their PCs or HTPCs using a CableCard. The CableCard technology allows the cable company to maintain their rights management security, allowing for viewing of premium channels, while the AMD ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner as its called encrypts and decrypts the data for "safe" PC playback. PC Perspective has posted the slides from the CES presentation with all the details."

Submission + - Crossover released for Mac OS X (Intel)

MachineShedFred writes: CodeWeavers announced Crossover 6.0 today, and they are supporting operation on both Linux and Mac OS X now (with an Intel-based Mac, of course). You can download the trial for OS X here, and the new version for Linux here.

Submission + - Google SketchUp 6 Released

Lord Satri writes: "Google announced today's release of Pro and Free versions of SketchUp 6, with very interesting features. The Photo Match feature feels like a preemptive strike against Microsoft's Photosynth. From this AECNews article: "In sharing the news of SketchUp 6 with AECnews in a pre-release briefing, Google SketchUp Product Manager John Bacus emphasized the "virtuous circle" that Google sees between Google Earth, Google 3D Warehouse, and Google SketchUp. One additional tool required for this virtuous circle becomes available tomorrow, a "Collections" feature in 3D Warehouse, where "groups of like-minded people can come together on projects like modeling cities," said Bacus. "If you turn on the 3D Warehouse layer in the latest release of Google Earth, you can see that many cities have a fair number of buildings in them already. A large community of SketchUp users are already making and creating and posting to the 3D Warehouse; the best will go to Google Earth." Collections will make this process even easier, Bacus added.""

Submission + - NASA to use Metric System on Moon Mission

JustOK writes: With the first mission scheduled for 2020, NASA plans, among other things, to use "metric units for all operations on the lunar surface"
"NASA's lunar plan also encourages participation by other nations, as well as non-governmental organizations and commercial groups." NASA has nearly 60 space and Earth science projects currently, with about half having some type of international cooperation. North and South lunar poles are being looked at as locations for moon bases. Lunar stays of up to 180 days are being planned.
The project will see "A string of robot spacecraft will shoot for the Moon within the next two years, departing from Japan, China, India, as well as the United States."
According to a report via Yahoo! by Space.com staff, NASA has had informal discussions on using Internet protocols for lunar communications.

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