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Comment Re:In what subject though? (Score 1) 235

Of course you need to get the technical language correct, that's the one aspect they DO grade you on.

However I'm talking about the conventional words used. Whether or not someone can spell "whether" instead of "wether" doesn't directly reflect on their ability to understand thermodynamics or whatever. However a spell-checker will allow them to fix the basic English grammar and also make it easier to mark for the teachers.

Comment Re:In what subject though? (Score 1) 235

That's not at all what I'm saying.

I'm saying that in English class you should be marked for your skills in using English and in other classes you should be marked for the knowledge taught in those classes.

Do we really need to have these grades overlap and make it harder for the people who are trying to mark the work fairly?

Comment In what subject though? (Score 1) 235

In a language subject such as English then spelling is a major part of the whole. And an understanding of correct spelling is very important for when you don't have access to spell-checkers.

However for any other subject they shouldn't be marked on what they're already getting marked on in English class. That overlap is simply not required imho... And the real world today lets people use spell checkers, so why not in non-English classes like the various sciences.

Comment Aah, computer sciences. (Score 1) 564

In my first year of computer sciences at my school we had a teacher who understood computers and, frankly, was a geek.

He gave me top grades because I did everything right.

The second year he got replaced by a woman who only knew what her "computer sciences" manual told her to teach us... This led to me getting a lower grade since she didn't understand my methods, like using "Hot-keys" etc.

Long story short the quality of these courses vary wildly depending on the teacher and his/her experience level.

Comment None of the above. (Score 1) 763

I don't want the comeback of any old OS.

If anything I'd like an entirely new OS which takes the best bits from everything without the worst bits of everything else.

I'm sure that statement causes much conflict as to what is the "best" and "worst" as peoples preferences differ, but hey... This is all about a theoretical OS revival anyway, I might as well shoot for the stars.

Comment Does this guy speak for all of us? (Score 2) 532

I saw the folding city in Inception and thought "Holy fuck, that is cool". I guess I must have been the only one then?

There will always be room for movies focused around spectacles and eye candy because of visceral thrill... Perhaps the article writer has lost his ability to suspend his disbelief, but I was loving every second of the sfx (actors floating) and vfx (folding buildings) of Inception.

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