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Comment Re:Importance of Competitive Choices (Score 2, Insightful) 406

The problem wasn't that a browser is really important and everyone needs one; the problem was that Microsoft had integrated their browser into the operating system in such a way that the operating system itself could not work without it, effectively making it impossible to uninstall it even if the user preferred another browser. Part of what makes other browsers more secure than IE de facto is that they don't have their tentacles as deep into the system as IE does. I'm sure someone will shoot back that it's not true, but really if you have a browser that's able to change system settings like IE can without asking for a password first, you're doing it wrong.

Nobody's really proposing that windows ship without a web browser; I think the current idea is to force them to give users a choice of web browser when they install it.

Comment Re:yes (Score 1) 1049

I've gotta agree with adamdoyle's post. If someone sent me a resumé with the reply address configured that way, I'd probably think it was pretty neat.

How do you handle the replies? This is cool enough I might just try to do it.

Wireless Networking

Submission + - Princeton University Blocks IPv6 on Wireless (dailyprincetonian.com) 1

cwolfsheep writes: In a move meant to provide "faster, more reliable wireless service," network administrators at Princeton University have begun filtering out IPv6 traffic on their wireless access points. OIT Support Services Director Steven Sather stated that since IPv6 is not in use at the university, the network traffic (generated largely by an influx of Apple hardware) is considered "wasted." It should be noted that recent Linux & BSD-based distributions, as well as Windows Vista and 7, all enable IPv6 support and/or use it to some degree.

G-WAN, Another Free Web Server 217

mssmss writes "Has anyone used G-WAN — a free (as in beer), supposedly fast and scalable Web server? The downside is it supports only C scripts, which the author claims is a plus since most programmers know C anyway. There is currently only a Windows release and no clear answer in their FAQs whether there would be Linux/Solaris releases. As an interesting aside, releasing a Web server while at the same time fighting a losing battle (PDF) with a large bank over a piracy claim of $200 million (the bank is alleged to have done the piracy) is quite a feat."

Comment Re:That Analogy Falls Apart (Score 2, Insightful) 917

I don't think many people in the US are willing to admit it, but part of the reason why the Russians beat us into space was that they were willing to accept more risk than us. The US has a space exploration record largely lacking in tragedy, and the Russians definitely have had more incidents, but as a result they were able to move forward slightly faster than us.

I don't think there's anything wrong with that as long as the people you are sending to their potential demise know the risks and know what they're getting into. No matter what the risk though there are people out there who would sign up for this without hesitation. I say there's nothing wrong at all with looking into it.

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