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Comment Re:Contract term (Score 1) 475

And that's why non-contract services like Ting are going to become more popular. I was paying $150/month for me and the wife's phones with Sprint (cheapest 'round here at the time) plus $100 for the phone that was on sale.

I switched to Ting, and the highest my bill has been is $60, average $30, plus ~$200 for a simple Android phone. So take your "subsidized" phones and shove 'em. I now just turn on the hotspot on my phone and use a Nexus 7 for everything. I don't need a super-powerful phone when I've always got my N7 with me.

Comment Re:OK, 35 years, then... (Score 1) 390

Show me a case where someone was indeed sentenced to 35 years + $1 million. It's the theoretical maximum that CAN be applied. The entire judicial process is a negotiation. Prosecutors start at the max, defense lawyers start at the minimum, and they try to come to some middle ground.

The only way he'd get the maximum is if he defied the court's orders, refused to cooperate in any way, spit on everyone at the courthouse, went on the run, and more.

Comment Re:Love my kindle and my Nexus 7 (Score 2) 465

Amazon and Nook make their reader apps available on a myriad of devices, PC, Mac, tablets, phones, etc. So, you could open a collection of books on just as many devices as you want. Even the same book on two different pages!!

Look up references without typing? Well, you still have to look? That's just a weird qualifier. Hitting a search button and typing a reference word isn't that complicated compared to flipping to the index, then back to the needed page.

Paper books have several sizes? How many books make editions with a dozen font sizes (times a dozen different fonts)? You pretty much get standard and large print for old folks. I want my books in Comic Sans 30pt, dammit! Show me a Harry Potter book in that font.

All your arguments are pointless, coming down to personal preference. And that's just fine. Neither is going away. All you folks arguing here have fallen for this article's stupid premise that there can be only one. Linux isn't the only computer OS. White isn't the only wall paint. And a Prius isn't the only car available. Different stuff for whatever suits you. Relax.

Comment Re:Books (Score 1) 465

8 weeks = 56 days * 0.5 hours per day = 28 hours per charge. So, yeah, when the world comes to an end and the lucky few that get to survive the apocalypse are fighting over canned foods, you'll happily be able to read for a couple days.

On the other hand, if you enjoy the benefits of an ereader in modern society, go for it. The paper-book folks can have their collections in their fallout shelters and be just as happy.

Comment Re:Please note: Baseline budgeting! (Score 1) 296

No, you do not understand. This is the end of us all! The only reason I'm for is to save all of humanity. Please, for the love of all mankind, tell your congressman from to shut up and just do what wants! It's not complicated, if there were only one side in politics, we could do so much for everybody.

Comment Re:Wow, stock browser wins over FF/Chrome? Strange (Score 1) 251

I have found the perfect combo for web browsing on the go to be my Nexus 7 with Chrome tethered to my phone's data connection. Chrome (at least on the N7) feels just like I'm at my desktop by bringing over my bookmarks, history, open tabs, etc.

Of course, some terrible web sites treat anything with "Android" in the browser tag as a mobile and bounce me to their "optimized' web site, but then I just lose interest and move on...

Comment Re:If only! (Score 1) 277

Ask the developer. There are links to their web site and email on most apps' pages. Some devs are cool and include it in the app's description. But all this comes down to the developer. They should know and be able to tell you what the app specifically does with one of the permissions.

Of course, the dev could say "It connects to the Internet to verify your purchase license" but still secretly transmit you're top-secret personal data to a scrupulous third party.

So, just stick to open-source apps that you are able to audit all the code. Or just make your own. You cannot trust anyone these days. Then again, you have weigh that vs the convenience of having a ready-made app do what you want out of it. I cannot say I personally have poured over GCC's code to know it isn't sending my source code to some server in China. But, I trust the community enough that if that were to be found of some program, all hell would break loose on them. Apps have been found to do stuff like this (people running network sniffers and the like), and I feel the response was appropriate from the community and Google in identifying, pulling from the store, and when severe enough, automatically wiping it from people's phones.

The decision is yours. Hyper-paranoia and do it yourself, or ask the developer and decide if you trust them. The Android system is striking a balance between flexible enough to give you a starting point to the needed permissions, any more strict and you run into the Vista-style annoyance that it becomes futile. Any less, and you don't know what's going on ever.

Comment Open World stuff. (Score 1) 338

My daughter started playing WoW at about 2-and-a-half. She was fascinated with going in doors and up/down stairs in it. I was surprised how long it took her to perceive moving around in a 3D game. It starts with her just spinning non-stop, but before long (about 15 minutes) she had the key timings down to do just what she wants.

Sure, WoW's not Linux-specific, but start with something that's open-world with no pressure to do anything (Minecraft maybe?) but plenty of stuff to explore. Then, let them go at it on their own.

Comment No surprise (Score 1) 118

The same thing is going on here. "News" agencies see a story they like, and so they run with it without checking. Every election cycle it happens, and will continue to happen forever. No one is unbiased, Fox, Politico, TV networks.

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