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Comment Re:I'd rather a pill I choose to swallow (Score 2) 42

I'll ignore the more mundane uses, and the sinister corporate scenarios*. For now just imagine the prison scenario. You don't need to build expensive walls or fences anymore, just a centrally placed and secure RF transmitter. Walk too far away from it, and the specially implanted genes for [bodily function] are turned on or off. Either killing you, or disabling you so you can be dragged back to your cell.

*Turn on the genius genes from 9-5, turn on the retard genes from 5-9. Smart workers that will do what you want and never leave.

Comment Its propaganda. (Score 2) 333

From TFA:

In contrast to his public statements that focused on the injustice of those he believed to be the “enemies” of Muslims, namely corrupt “apostate” Muslim rulers and their Western “overseers,” the focus of Bin Ladin’s private letters is Muslims’ suffering at the hands of his jihadi “brothers”. He is at pain advising them to abort domestic attacks that cause Muslim civilian casualties and focus on the United States, “our desired goal.”

Out of 6000+ documents, they picked this to release. You don't need a huge imagination to see why.

Although I do give them credit in making this public and trying to focus attacks back on to US forces. It makes leaving Iraq/Afghanistan a lot easier if you don't have to worry about them killing each other after you leave.

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