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Comment Re:iPad vs. all Android tablets (Score 1) 584

As I posted elsewhere, Apple is on selling roughly 45 million iPads this year. If their market share is down to 62%, who is selling the remaining 14 million? That's the best kept secret in the entire investment community. Your link points to an IDC report that confuses shipments with sales. I don't give a rats ass if Samsung, Acer, Asus, and your mother ship 1 billion tablets, all I care about is SALES. That's all anyone cares about. 'Cept those trying to confuse the issue.

Comment Re:Is that way their store is sparse? (Score 1) 125

Worked at B&N back in the late 90's. The computer books were expensive (costing B&N a lot of their credit line with the distributors), stolen quite frequently, and people would buy the books, read them for a couple of weeks, then return them for full cash or credit. Some stores have a great selection, others, depending on their demographics and sales patterns don't have much anymore. Can't blame them a bit for shrinking that section; it never generated much $$. And now that there's better, more accurate content online, all that will survive is the simplest computer books for novices.

Comment Re:What does PATRIOT stand for? (Score 1) 312

Doubtful. The Exocet was one of the most effective weapons deployed by the Argentinians. They weren't hampered by any "deactivation" codes (sounds like something out of a bad Bond film), but instead they only had a few in their inventory. Trust me, anti-ship missiles don't listen for "deactivation" codes once they're launched.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 402

Displaced? What is this displaced you speak of? At my company, we still run Netware, and just recently (3 months ago) retired OS2. Freaking OS2. And we're a large, large company. Thank God I'm a *nix admin.

Comment Re:Great quote... (Score 1) 925

Well, I think it's easy to make such a judgement from the cheap seats. Hopefully you'll never be in the situation I found myself in; it's not quite as easy to just "find a quick way to end it once the pain starts getting out of control and the quality of life is gone." And my two daughters are happy I'm around 4 years later to celebrate Father's Day. I'm a diehard conservative, but I think that how a nation treats the ill and infirm says a lot about the character of its people.

By your logic, you wouldn't be carrying auto insurance, renter/homeowner's insurance either? As I originally responded, you're gravely confusing the true role of insurance. It's not to make one whole in a crisis, it's to ameliorate some of the worst case scenarios. Since you seem to be fond of investing, think of it as an option or derivative to offload some of your risk.

And you seriously quoted Malthus? Why don't you dig up Paul Ehrlich as well? That entire ZPG train of inquiry has long since been disproved.

Comment Re:Great quote... (Score 1) 925

Health insurance shouldn't be viewed as a means of paying for routine medical treatment, but for catastrophic events. Four years ago I was diagnosed with colon cancer. Fortunately I had excellent health insurance that paid for everything with the exception of my annual $400 deductible. For fun I kept track of my bills that the insurance company paid, especially the rate that I would have paid if I had been uninsured. I stopped when it hit $800K. So the idea of not having insurance and investing the money is silly. There's no way I would have been able to accrue $800K by the time I was diagnosed.

Comment Re:Ronald Regan is on the phone... (Score 2, Insightful) 809

Obviously you've never worked in the restaurant biz. Labor is usually the highest element in the cost of goods, typically around 20%. The food items are usually around 20%, paper items another 6-8%. Throw in rent, utilities, etc. Royalty fees for McDonalds are around 10%, and the franchisee is usually gunning for a 10% margin. So for a $1.99 Big Mac, $.40 stays in the local economy as wages, $.40 stays in the state/US economy for the food components, so on and so forth. So try another stupid example...

And it's Reagan, not Regan. But then again, facts don't seem to bother you too much.

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