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Login Code of Conduct Found Not Binding 276

SurturZ writes "The Industrial Relations Commission of New South Wales, Australia, has ordered a company to reinstate an employee who downloaded porn onto a work laptop, even though it was in contravention of his workplace's code of conduct. From the article: the IRC said there was an 'air of automatically' about the annual signing off of employees on NCR's code of conduct, 'a degree of mechanical, unthinking routine in employees making a commitment to abide by the code.'" So, I think most of us can agree, porn at work == bad, but recognition that Click EULAs/other agreements are not binding is probably good. The question is — what replaces them?

Google Winning By Losing? 226

eldavojohn writes "The CEO of a small search company wrote an interesting piece for Search Insider about Google's unique strategy. It notes that Google has yet to become a leader in any technology other than search — but that its mostly unsuccessful attempts to branch out all end up bolstering its brand, and thus its search ad revenue. Is the new recipe for success to do one thing unbelievably well and several other things indifferently? Does this remind you of strategies from any other companies?" From the article, "Some of Google's non-search projects are really extensions of its search monetization, and are likely to succeed. But others projects mean entering areas where Google doesn't have much experience, and is taking a risk. With regard to those riskier areas, the key question for Google's future is whether it can realize that losing is really one of the best assets the company has."

GPS Phone Tells Others Where You Are 161

An anonymous reader writes, "According to CNet, a company called Benefon has launched a cell phone with a built in GPS receiver — nothing new there. However, this particular GPS cell phone, called the Twig, does something extra. It can send your GPS coordinates to another Twig owner and then that person can navigate directly to you using the preloaded navigation software. Sounds like this could save a lot of time and effort when trying to explain to the in-laws where your new apartment is." The article says that the phone will cost £330 in the UK, or about $625.

New Mac-o-Lantern 76

An anonymous reader writes to tell us that it is that time of year again, time for a new pumpkin computer. This time it can see via webcam eyes (thanks logitech), breathe through its nose using a case fan, and talk out its mouth with a speaker system. The insides are made of a custom power supply and mac-mini Core Duo system. The lighting is made of neon wiring thanks to Startech.com mutant mods. Check out the last page with a video of the pumpkin in action."

Make Linux "Gorgeous," Says Ubuntu Leader 688

OSS_ilation writes "They say beauty is only skin deep, but when it comes to Linux and the free software movement, people like Mark Shuttleworth think looks have an important part to play. On his blog and an article on SearchOpenSource.com, Shuttleworth and a slew of open source end users say that the look and feel of open source is also a matter of wider acceptance among enterprise players who are used to Windows, yet crave Mac OS X and the functionality of Linux. 'If we want the world to embrace free software, we have to make it beautiful,' Shuttleworth said. "We have to make it gorgeous. We have to make it easy on the eye. We have to make it take your friend's breath away.' With the early success of Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10, Shuttleworth and company may be onto something."

Journal Journal: New Slashcode is not good for Low-Bandwidth User 3

I checked "Low bandwodth option" for Homepage and I find very hard to reach my prefs and journal page...Only easily accesible is page is articles page! All other link and slashbox are gone.
Who designs slashcode?

Journal Journal: HTTP-FUSE-KNOPPIX

Press Release says it is developed from bitter experience that SFS-KNOPPIX did't run well for American and European(!) user.


Journal Journal: Secret of medieval Japanese Art revealed


"Kohakubaizu" drawn by Ogata Kolin,famous Tokugawa-shogunate era Japanese artist,was said to be drawn using gold and silver tissue.
but modern scientific equipment reveal its true nature.

Geek would notice one of the important scientific equipment is Mac OS X computer!(period)


Journal Journal: Mistake

I post a really,really redundant && useless comment.
I don't want to be noticed by anyone.Oh no...

User Journal

Journal Journal: Poelina:"kawaii" Linux Book on Japan

GNU/Linux system is considered too complex and unsuitable for layman in Japan as well as U.S of A.
But a group of Japanese geeks writes a book named "Poe-lina" ,full of customoizing tips for "kawaii" Linux.
And nIcer goods is included with the book by the authors; Customised "Kawaii" KNOPPIX CD!(Screenshot)
"Poe-lina" may launc

Journal Journal: RAID4

I was taught only practical RAID-tech is RAID 5,1,0(or combination of 1+0),and no RAID-2,3,4 is developped and available.
But recently I found Fujitsu has RAID-4 storage server(http://storage-system.fujitsu.com/jp/term/raid/07.html)

# I'm a kind of Fujuitsu guy.
User Journal

Journal Journal: test 5

this is test.

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