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Comment Re:Oil at Key West already. (Score 1) 334

Also, I was out at a beach 4 mi north of Venice, FL today, and the volatiles were certainly killing the sea breeze. The bulk is still better than 100 nm off shore, but on a light WNW wind reach, it was enough to have you clearing your throat. (Worse than allergy season, BTW).

The water is still clean, but I fear it might not be there much longer.

I guess NOAA has to build a new computer model for trajectories further south of 27.1*N. Models last night definitely had an indication of loop current entrainment.

Looking at the size of this, I don't think that you can put a price tag on it. Even if they seized all assets--personal and corporate owned--it still wouldn't do justice. (Unless someone can make a time machine real quick, and have the place raided about 24 hours before.)

I've been tracking for some time, and I think 210,000 US gal / day is too low. My conservative estimate is 5x that, given rate of change on the size of the NOAA trajectory plots, and on some satellite imagery I've looked at.

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