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Comment Re:Doomed (Score 1) 435

As an aside, .NET lacks here, and massively because there is no spirit to make libraries available to others for free causing a non-availability of free libraries.

Gonna have to disagree with you on that point. The .Net languages, runtime, and framework libraries are all included in the .Net / Windows SDK and it's freely available: You can download and install the SDK and start coding right away.

Don't confuse Visual Studio with the languages / framework.

Even if you're referring to the availability of free-as-in-beer/speech libraries there are quite a few of those on CodePlex, GitHub, and CodeProject, depending on what you need.

Comment Cynical "yeah but..." (Score 2) 201

I realize this is cynical but...

According to the WHO ~7.6 million people die of cancer each year: and according to the National Cancer Institute ~1.6 million of them are Americans:

That's a huge revenue stream for the drug companies to just ignore because "hey, it's cured!" I just don't think the drug companies won't start looking for ways to kill this or put it out of reach of most people. They haven't exactly proven to be altruistic and wholly forthcoming thus far; they're just for-profit companies in the same old "corrupt American capitalist" system.

Comment Propane? (Score 1) 196

I'm not an expert on emissions, I'm genuinely curious: Towmotors have been running on LP for decades so they can run indoors at places like big box home improvement stores. Why wouldn't underground mining equipment also run on LP or natural gas? Is it just as harmful? If so, why are companies using it inside retail stores?

Comment Re:I know, I know (Score 1) 599

That's crap. I have a Scion xA, which is a fancy Yaris. We're a family of 4 - me, my wife, and our twin boys. I'm 6' 4" 220 pounds so I have to drive it with the seat all the way back. We drove that car from NE Ohio to Myrtle Beach and back with all of our ancillaries twice with no problem at all. We regularly take trips to D.C., Chicago, and other points over 3 hours driving distance and we never have a problem packing a week's worth of ancillaries.

Comment Re:When lossless isn't really lossless (Score 1) 312

You have your sweet cables and they're all burned in and everything but you're still feeding crappy speakers. It's an amateur mistake. You need to hook your cables right in to the instruments, man. You plug 'em in to the jacks right on the guitars and wawa pedals, man, for super high fidelity.

Comment WTF? RTFA (Score 3, Informative) 624

I R'd TFA.

Apply little reading comprehension: It was Kyle, the FATHER, whose passport was denied. NOT the kid's.


"... they chose to deny a young child access to the flight, in essence denying the whole family."


"Little Kye’s passport has a crease on the back cover, which Gosnell says came from him accidentally sitting on the passport. His passport was questioned, but not denied. It was Kyle Gosnell’s that was the real problem. It has a small crease on the back cover, and is overall weathered and worn."

If we're going to infer things then let's infer that the dad's passport was old-school and didn't even have an RFID tag in it since it was described as "[having a] small crease on the back cover, and is overall weathered and worn.

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