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Comment Re:What could possibly go wrong? (Score 1) 97

People already manufacture their own drugs at home, these homes are generally referred to as "meth labs"...

Yeah.... when this becomes feasible; the manufacturers of these systems are going to have to tread very lightly and implement strong security measures in the software to prevent synthesizing prohibited chemicals Or controlled medications without a prescription or in excess of prescribed QTY or face government regulation; i'm sure.

Comment Re:Seems to me Yahoo is burning their seed corn (Score 1) 142

it's more important than ever that these creators can still be supported by subscription revenue. Otherwise we're allowing advertising to restrict us to anodyne content, like what happened with the broadcast/cable divide.

It's become fairly common for small but informative, interesting, or useful channels to solicit support from their viewers through services such as Patreon; the major alternative is sponsorships, product placements, or advertising embedded in the video file itself that may be supplemented using annotations.

Comment Re:Not what I expected (Score 1) 258

If you recorded shows last night on your DVR, you can transfer them to your phone over your local area network

DVRs are obsolete.... all the things on OTA TV are basically crap, and all the GOOD stuff is exclusive to services like Youtube; most of the interesting and informative content is made by small creators, not ratings-chasing networks that wind up rehashing sitcom and reality show formulas.

Comment Re:Not what I expected (Score 1) 258

You've found not just one but four successful workarounds for a cellular ISP's throttling of streaming video. Use them.

Lest you be confused into thinking ANY of that that's actually an effective workaround... It's not. The stuff available on bluray is less than a drop compared to the internet.

This workaround doesn't actually work --- there's a BUNCH of important educational stuff and other entertainment on Coursera videos, Youtube, Veoh, Twitch, Etc. that is not available on DVD/Bluray, OTA broadcasts, satellite, TV, etc.

There's no Bluray of Netflix Original series', no April Wilkerson, no Jaku, TED-Ed, K6UDA, Stefan Molyneux, David Casler, Steve McRae, Dan Ariely, MindYourDecisions, 3DGameman, Technicality, The 8-bit guy, bosnianbill, Louis Rossmann, Mathologer, Photonicinduction, Reponut, L2Inc, Today I found out, Tom Scott, Objectivity, Wendover Productions, Minutephysics, Thunderf00t, Bigclivedotcom, AvE, CGPGrey, Dorkly, CollegeHumor Smartereveryday, , Sixtysymbols, Computerphile, The Game Theorists, Colin Hardy, Computing Forever,

Comment Re:Seems to me Yahoo is burning their seed corn (Score 1) 142

I believe the answer to that one is NO.

Your revenue share (with both YouTube and Fullscreen) is exactly the same for YouTube Red income as it is for AdSense

(If you turn off Ads, then your share of AdSense will be zero, so I expect your share of Red would be identical, in other words, zero.)

* Update: If a YouTube Red user views one of your videos during his/her free trial period, you will not earn income from that video view.

Comment Re:Red Herring app (Score 1) 258

And therein lies the chicken and egg problem. Unless you have the data about download rates and latency you can't even begin to find out WHY your speeds are slower

Because of the way the app works; consider it an investigative tool.
If the App's test shows throttling is occurring, then it is basically definitive proof that the service is being throttled by your ISP or an intermediary. On the other hand, if the app's test doesn't show throttling, but you experience different speeds to those services,
then it could be either throttling or something else, since you can't give a definitive answer that there is no throttling for sure (If your observed rates of throughput are different -- and not in a manner consistent with the network distance and hopXhop latency).

Comment Re:Not what I expected (Score 4, Insightful) 258

Cellular providers will sometimes throttle video, not to be jerks and violate net neutrality, but to save your data plan.

In other words: to coerce you to accept excessively a high per-Gigabyte cost and avoid what they view as "wasteful fidelity" they will tamper with your traffic to reduce your consumption.
"Save your overly restrictive data plan" is really REALLY not a good reason for throttling.

This isn't really of much benefit on a small mobile screen, so you're tearing through your data plan for no real reason.

You can very well be mirroring that mobile screen to something larger where you will feel that it matters.

Comment Re:Seems to me Yahoo is burning their seed corn (Score 1) 142

Does anyone know whether video creators earn shares of YouTube Red subscription revenue

Only if you already qualify to monetize your videos via advertising.

Youtube shares a portion of the revenue from Red memberships with Youtube partners based on the amount of Watch-Time on the partners' videos by Red members.

Comment Re:Indie Music (Score 1) 142

Last I check; you always needed 1000 subscribers, before you get access to make monetized videos. The new requirement is the 4000 view-hours, which seems insane.... It seems Google is trying to shut small creators out of the platform; no longer can you monetize a small YT channel because of the 4000 hours a month requirement.

Comment Re:Bitcoin was barely usable all year. (Score 1) 157

Bitcoin's transaction fees were higher than paypal unless you wanted to wait days

Yes, both Bitcoin AND Ethereum had major congestion issues many times during the year there were long waits or high fees to clear a transaction. Not what you want for something which is supposed to be a better way technologically to send instant payments --- the end user experience SHOULD be better in every way to truly provide the full benefits the tech claims.

So far the only Alt that was getting significant volume that held up at its current scale was Litecoin. It wil lbe interesting to see how Bitcoin Cash does... the price decrease of BCH vs Bitcoin is a lower percentage and almost flat -- BTC price had a major decrease: Could it be that another crypto will overtake BTC now?

Comment Re:Which would do preciously nothing. (Score 1) 355

What you're proposing is 1990s AOL/Genie/Prodigy.

Not really..... Also, any of those could probably be successful today among the 80% non-technical users who now own iPhones and Laptops, if they just included Facebook, Youtube, and a few others in their service. those services were walled gardens that tried to be the entire online experience - It is very difficult to be everything for everybody using a dozen or so paid editors + internet navigation software + lots of extra for-pay content, they were expensive for end users ---- the providers did not invest in continuing to maintain and expand their platforms beyond the small ecosystem they started with, they had their place, but they were ultimately superceded by the internet's exponential growth -- all those services provided internet access, and the internet did 1000x the things those services were doing and all the same things 10x better.

My suggestion is not a revisiting of such concepts as AOL/Genie/Prodigy were, BUT the right content deals could leverage demand FOR THAT SPECIFIC content that would induce a momentum for people to reconsider their choice of providers.

Exclusive content on different ISPs is exactly the type of thing that NN proponents seek to avoid. Google would look a tad hypocritical if they did that.

No.... NN is not about non-exclusivity of content. NN is about THE NETWORK not degrading, blocking, subsidizing, or prioritizing access to some content over others. Content providers are still free to restrict services they sell to users of a specific network, location, or ISP. USUALLY it's not in the content providers' interests to do so, but for the sake of working with a service provider together to create a bundle to try and break an existing monopoly's hold over a particular service, and in exchange for a spotlight placement and maybe other financial considerations, seems reasonable.

Comment Re:What law was repealed? (Score 1) 355

Anybody can file a lawsuit against anyone else for anything, at any time.

That's not true if the "anyone else" is the FCC. The state AG's are able to sue on behalf of a state, though, which is why the AGs can take this action.

The possibility of court challenges AND/OR actions by congress are the checks and balances on the regulatory agencies, and in this case at the very least the FCC should have some explaining to do if their action is not inline with what the law says the FCC should be doing, or the actions aren't in character with the rulemaking processes of regulatory agencies, OR if the process seem'd to have been tampered with, or the proper public comments not given the correct consideration: for example, if the process was tainted by boatloads of fraudulent / fake comments.

Comment Re:Which would do preciously nothing. (Score 1) 355

Anyone that tries to compete at this point can't. Comcast would just drop its pants until the competitor was run out of business. That's exactly what happened to Google fiber.

Google could compete if they were willing to --- by creating exclusive content available only to customers who choose Google fiber, and marketing the hell out of it. For example.... what if they created a new Youtube Live TV service of some sort, and a portfolio of other services that required you get fiber from them.

How about if Google negotiated an exclusivity deal with ESPN and some sports networks for that network which would prevent Comcast users from accessing the content.

Then Google Fiber might have a chance of providing a differentiated service people would buy against Comcast shenanigans.

Comment Re:Poorly worded (Score 1) 117

Couldn't it?

It is not impossible -- there are various theories that could made about the price,
but the study does not offer any evidence or lend any valid credibility supporting that theory,
and this article is listed as a News / Study, not an editorial, therefore an objective reporter should not be suggesting this....

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