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Comment Re:Seems like drm should be a PLUGIN to me. (Score 1) 149

absolutely true that someone else can write a browser that implements HTML5 plus a proprietary tag for OfficeWebâ

No... if the DocType says HTML5, then the renderer must implement Exactly the tags, Attributes, and DOM trees present in the HTML5 standards and no others:
If they omit tags or provide additional tags or attributes, then the browser is no longer compliant with the standard and cannot claim to support HTML5.

Comment Anecdotal evidence is not valid (Score 1) 656

m Gen-Y; I've walked around my entire life, in all sorts of places, and have never been approached or robbed by anyone

If you want to play that game.... I would point out, that i've been approached on multiple occasions by people asking for cash, and I've heard from 5 or 6 different friends/acquaintenances
(a majority of these acquaintenaces female...) who at some time within the past 9 or 10 years that were mugged, robbed, or attempted to be robbed under threat of violence at gunpoint at different places at different times.

It is hard to tell what the risk will be for any particular individual, and there are many factors.

It IS potentially dangerous in that all the cash you are carrying might be stolen.
Although it is also likely that in a confrontation, your $1000 Cell phone, Driver's license, Wallet, and your credit cards would all be stolen, And you would likely be subdued, tossed in a ditch, or otherwise prevented from promptly reporting the theft of said CCs, so robbers have plenty of time to spend some $$$ in your name; They may also force you to hand over your Debit card or ATM PIN numbers, and make significant withdrawals from your bank accounts.

But in theory, a less brazen robber will only go for the cash, and your $$$ in other forms will be protected because of your limited liability for unauthorized charges --- You MIGHT be able to get some banking transactions reversed, And at the very least, there will be more tangible documentation of the crime than some cash you claimed to have been carrying.

ALSO, Because cash is so liquid and easy to conceal the fact it is stolen cash..... thieves are more likely to target cash. So the more people who are carrying around a lot of cash, or the more likely potential robbers THINK or BELIEVE you might be carrying around cash AND the more vulnerable a target, the more likely it is you might become a robbery or attempted robbery victim.

Comment Re:Seems like drm should be a PLUGIN to me. (Score 1) 149

How in the world do you arrogate to yourself the right to decide what belongs in a web browser or implements a 'web site'.

What is a HTML5-compliant website is defined by the HTML5 standard.

A HTML5-compliant browser is a web browser that implements the DOM.

I don't care about proprietary vendor-specific extensions in the browser....
If your hypertext content uses a proprietary extension, that is fine, BUT your content is no-longer HTML5.

Also, HTML5 as an open standard should not specify media types that require proprietary secret software to view.

No DRM media objects for the same reason HTML5 doesn't specify a tag for including Microsoft Office document .DocX file text/content inside a webpage.

Comment Re:What I would like to know: (Score 1) 223

but microwaves like cell and wifi don't bounce around the upper atmosphere the same way

If there's a RF range the prisons don't jam, then eventually I would expect rogue modified cellphones pairing with rogue criminal-controlled cellular base stations to be a concern....

There are some cell phone frequencies in the UHF ranges around 800mhz. Emissions in these ranges are still subject to tropospheric ducting.

Comment Re:Seems like drm should be a PLUGIN to me. (Score 5, Insightful) 149

EFF may find it offensive the rest of us just want shit to work, when I browse Netflix or whatever other streaming site I choose I don't want a fucking plugin and all the incompatibilities

Right.... Plugins are history. And DRM should Not be grafted into an open standard such as HTML. If Netflix insists on DRM-encoded content, only option should be to use their own custom protocol with an external viewer: Not the web browser, because they are not implementing a "Web site", at that point, they are implementing an encrypted binary blob that can only be viewed using proprietary software.

Comment Misleading headline (Score 4, Interesting) 79

This is no Robot Lawyer. I am not sure exactly what it is to be called,
but a Robot Lawyer it is not. It is more like a "Robotic/Automated assistant for a small selection of certain legal matters that gives you a canned form or canned letter to use for the simplest situations", and
Its effectiveness depends partly on flying under the radar, because lawyers happen to often write the same kind of verbiage, and the letters they use can "Bluff the prosecution" out of pursuing further actions, that is, cause the authorities to skip over you because you're too much trouble and they'd actually have to do work to pursue you, since the canned forms make them THINK you have actually bothered with the expense to hiring lawyers, causing them to back off to avoid extra costs or adverse ruling against them.... So you can get the penalty cancelled by the court, and then the government workers don't bother to pursue the matter further, since it's not worth it in their minds.

COUGH. If they DID choose to pursue the matter, your Robotic "Lawyer" would be quickly outgunned.

Comment Re: Windows... (Score 1) 352

Highest priority in a desktop should be UI with ability to pop up a limited system control panel to nuke bad behaving programs/processes/services.

How about "Press [BREAK] to pause the system and open a debug prompt" Which then has commands available to show process statistics,
terminate any process, set breakpoints, or Read/Modify any memory address on the system ?

Comment Re:Cool trick! (Score 1) 56

That's the same the rich do with the poor: convince them that they are, somehow richer than others

Well, if you are in the US, then you are rich, because basically anyone in the US can get the 3 basic needs met (Water, Food, and Shelter), and almost everyone can access conveniences and comforts such as Telephone-based communications, Automotive vehicular transportation, Running-water based Showers and Toilets, Comfortable beds, and some form of Entertainment. Most of the poor are separated by physical barriers such as the high seas, or international boundaries, at the very least.

Comment Re:$250K is the definition of the evil 1% (Score 1) 481

but that doesn't mean he didn't have significant advantages afforded to him based entirely on which womb he popped out of

Your parents' are also a predictor regarding whether you will have integrity and follow the straight and narrow path OR whether you will take up a life of crime. Perhaps we should then say it is unfair that we have prisons and criminal justice, because some people had bad parents, and thus say we need to either excuse all of these offenses, or impose a 2.5% tax on innocent people --- Every citizen will have to pay this tax as a 2.5% of their otherwise free days will have to be spent in prison, Because some people disadvantaged were destined by their parents to become prisoners at birth, therefore this "Is Unfair", And for some unknown reason, the Government has now decided one of its jobs is to fix all manner of Unfair things.

What womb you popped out of does not determine your future, because there are plenty of kids raised as adopted.

Peoples wealth can be largely affected by their parents' attitude and parenting abilities, And how their parents influence their development, however.

Maybe you should just say: We live in a meritocracy, BUT some people will not become wealthy no matter how hard they work, because they make mistakes and don't know how to recognize an admin mistakes, or didn't get the needed education, or didn't have the right drive, AND Parents can affect all these things for the better or for the worse.

Comment Re:What I would like to know: (Score 1) 223

It's not like they would be the first government facilities that block cell signals.

Building structures or installing materials to block cell signals is FINE.

What is not fine is what some prisons would want to do, which is: set up RF transmitters and emit jamming signals to disrupt communications.

The RF at sufficient power level to prevent cell phone communications would definitely have a very high risk of affecting other Cellular and Radio communications not by prisoners both On and Off prison grounds, Because wireless RF energy travels.... under certain weather conditions, the signal that normally travels 1 Mile to cover the prison could affect a location 1000 Miles away.

Comment Re:Better idea: punish Facebook and Google. (Score 0) 116

They're not monopolies? What are viable alternatives to search? What are viable social networking alternatives?

There are PLENTY. Monopoly is NOT a synonym for market penetration, Or the vast majority of the population going with product X: if some product Y exists and would solve the same basic problem as product X, then it is a competing option, and if a competing option exists, then X is not a monopoly. Google might have 95% people using it, and the alternatives not as popular as Google, and the quality of alternatives might be lower, but that doesn't make Google a monopoly. It just so happens Google is not close to being a monopoly.

Search: Yandex, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu.

And Facebook is nowhere close to having a monopoly on Social Networking websites.

Social Networking: LinkedIn, LiveJournal, Google Plus, Blogger, Reddit, Instagram, WhatsApp, MySpace, Twitter, Jaiku, Itsmy,

Comment Re:What I would like to know: (Score 3, Interesting) 223

Because jamming creates a safety hazard for innocent people.

We should probably start by making assisting/aiding an incarcerated person's escape attempt, or facilitating a person in eluding authorities crimes punishable with much greater severity, instead of the current minor penalties. They should also depend on what crimes the escaped people committed.... springing an offender with a life sentence out of jail should land a minimum of 30 years on the violator.

Make it a misdemeanor just to fly a non-commercial aircraft within 500ft horizontal distance of a prison facility at a height of less than 1000ft.

Finally, they should employ means of detecting drones: monitor them closely, train their employees accordingly, and identify/pick up any dropped items --- basically, more vigilant guarding.

Comment Re:credit card, 2nd debit account, or prepaid card (Score 1) 396

- There's a rush of intrusions into electronic payment systems

So who would you want to expose checking or savings information to the same potential risks?

- Mastercard can tell you spent $26 on toilet paper and USB sticks and they use that information to do evil things like ad campaigns

Your bank can do that too if you write a check, because, information sharing....

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