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Comment Re:Absolutely baffling (Score 1) 249

Have you been following the election returns for the last few decades? Do you know which party controls the presidency, the supreme court, the senate, the house,

The Supreme Court's purpose in life is to be an independent judiciary: its members not to be concerned about political matters or political parties.

Regardless of the political views of the current president or senate they all have a legal obligation to faithfully uphold the laws of the land,
and the Antitrust laws are among the laws of the land.

Comment Re:This is a tough one (Score 1) 130

On the other hand, it sounds like these users may be witnesses to a crime of fraud.

However, they spoke anonymously about it, and Glassdoor's purpose in life is for publishing the postings from these anonymous sources. Glassdoor's purpose is Not to exist as a free tool to help trace frausters.

The authorities should be able to simply use the anonymous postings as a "tip", and then do the actual legwork of talking with all the potential people. If they have a legit investigation, they should already know what company is involved, and then use tax and other records to determine who all the employees were, and then start interviewing people until they find the witnesses.

Comment Re:No surprise there (Score 2) 249

Once the companies have you trapped in rental..they really have no incentive to improve and innovate now do they?

I dislike it so much, that I think there should be a law against it. Something liek....


If software or the right to the legal possession of software is included as a product or service, then after a consumer's use of that service and/or legal possession of that copy of software has continued for 12 calendar months without permanent cancellation or termination of the consumer's privilege to use the software, then after the 12th month, that consumer receives a permanent, unconditional, irrevocable right to continue use of all their copies of software, to disable, circumvent, or otherwise modify or duplicate any security or other features of any aspect of their copy of software in any manner required to make software continue to function, and/or transfer or convey their rights to one or all copies of their software without restriction, notwithstanding any agreement to the contrary.

Comment Re:Absolutely baffling (Score 1) 249

The other issue is that office 365 includes outlook, which open office does NOT match in any capacity.

What happened to the US having antitrust legislation? If they offer tied products, they should be required to also sell Outlook
  and Outlook services separately at its proportionate cost. Tying Outlook to these other solutions is anticompetitive behavior by MS.

Comment Re:Absolutely baffling (Score 1) 249

The problem is not the Word processor. LibreOffice needs feature parity with Excel, As Excel is the major justification I hear many people have for staying with Office. And then after getting that TRUE feature parity, LibreOffice need to add some "killer app" functionality, like a better MS Access than MS Access, and a way to handle collaborative databases and cloud-hosted collaborative databases.

And then get a major marketing campaign to show how LibreOffice Does everything Excel does and more

Comment Re:Amazon Prime (Score 1) 104

so unless you buy low cost items every day or need it in 2-3 days, prime is useless except for their streaming service.

That's a little depressing, though. On the other hand, I perhaps spoke too soon about there being no other benefit.

It does automatically give me the Twitch Prime status, which eliminates ads from the platform..

I doubt the video streaming service justifies the cost. They're no NetFlix, and even NetFlix misses vital titles.

Comment Re:Location not TLD (Score 1) 182

I actually don't get what the fuss is about this. I you want to life in a law less zone that is fine for you.

Just because you live in a zone with fascist anti-Speech laws for protecting a right to be "forgotten" and erase what was publicized about you don't mean the rest of the world does.

Your country might grant you the right to be forgotten by restraining companies' free speech, but your country don't have a right
to restrict what gets stored on and served out to the world by by servers outside your country.

Comment Re:Location not TLD (Score 1) 182

The TLD of the domain generally has nothing to do with the location of the servers.

In fact... this is incorrect. Usually they are directly related. Usually companies place the servers that will ultimately
handle the HTTP request for a given TLD within or near to the geographic area of that TLDS' users.

Yes, some TLDs are (mis)used in different ways, and some smaller companies put all their servers in one country, and still serve
out multiple TLD versions of their website from the same datacenter.

However, for global companies such as Google, they will have datacenters in numerous countries, and the corresponding DNS name TLD
is routed towards the datacenter appropriate for that localization of their website.

In Google's case, when you visit their website, they redirect you to the proper TLD, and they have their systems of answering IP addresses and DNS queries differently (Anycast-based service routing) depending on which country you are located in when you navigate to your local country's version of Google; so the TLD used indicates which country/region's localization of Google you are using.

Comment Smokescreen (Score 1) 225

I've seen this kind of horseshit come up lots of times; in Brocade too long ago. In large corporations,
top management is either drinking the Kool-Aid, Or maybe intentionally coming up with ridiculous bogus assertions that
anyone familiar with technology and a few brain cells could clearly recognize as bogus.

Network neutrality and self-driving cars have nothing to do with each other.
Also, network neutrality is not about "No paid prioritization"; it's about no paid prioritization of different products or services based on throttling or accelerating certain websites on the same internet (that thus exist at the same level of service) based on business reasons behind the scenes -- or other providers' competitive nature or refusal to pay extra eyeball taxes.

Network neutrality don't prevent you from selling an entirely separate network service to consumers AND sharing backbone infrastructure, and providing those separate network systems different priority.

Comment It's all about what you are securing against (Score 1) 234

Shoulder surfers can watch the keyboard, so masking often provides a false sense of security.

It is best for the user to feel "exposed" and take other precautions to prevent people seeing them type, especially for rare operations like setting the password where needing to see potential typos is an issue.

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