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Comment Re:I still want to know: (Score 0) 155

without mankind trying to wipe them out......there must have been a shitload of those big bastards wandering around happily eating grass and leaves, shitting and farting all day......what effect did all the farts have on the climate? The noise and smell must have been awesome. Maybe fartification wiped them out!

Comment Re:Financial security through obscurity? (Score 2, Funny) 145

Just when I thought Iran was the safest place to stash my money now THIS happens? Where should I go next? Somalia?

No!!!No, No, No!

Nigeria is the country where your money is safest. Here's what you do: Send the money to me personally and I will place it with all the other money I have for distribution on behalf of "Lotto"winners", "Deceased Estate Distribution A/C's" etc, you money is safe with me as I am a very honourable person, do this quickly before someone tries to cheat you out of all your money!
Mr Sempir
Reliable Banking Services

Comment Re:About the users too (Score 0) 429

I'm sure you will see posts soon like "My grandpa uses (a) Linux (PC i set up for him, which he turns on once a month, and he doesn't know the difference)!"

  I am a Grandpa and my Son set up my old machine with Linux, which I now never turn on as it fucks up my blood pressure. At my age I don't have time to work out how to do shit like that...can spend that time working out how to catch grannies! (Bought another old machine with XP on it and works fine for me!)

Comment Re:People should be free, but only on your terms? (Score 1) 169

Sure, DARPA is mainly about weapons, but this would have been a great opportunity for Mitch to suggest and perhaps even influence the development of non-violent weapons and other defense-related research.

Sorry...but I'm a bit confused about "non-violent weapons" bit. Could you point me in the right direction here, Taa.

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