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Russian Scholar Warns Of US Climate Change Weapon Screenshot-sm 415

According to Russian political scientist, and conspiracy aficionado Andrei Areshev the high heat, and poor crop yields of Russia, and other Central Asian countries may be the result of a climate weapon created by the US military. From the article: "... Areshev voiced suspicions about the High-Frequency Active Aural Research Program (HAARP), funded by the US Defense Department and the University of Alaska. HAARP, which has long been the target of conspiracy theorists, analyzes the ionosphere and seeks to develop technologies to improve radio communications, surveillance, and missile detection. Areshev writes, however, that its true aim is to create new weapons of mass destruction 'in order to destabilize environmental and agricultural systems in local countries.'"

Comment In the same league (Score 1) 375

I still have(why???) some 8 inch "really floppies" and some paper tape reels that were once fed into PDP-8s and -11s via teletype, but I no longer have the hardware to read them.

With a different interpretation of timestamp, I just found one of my dad's old child books "What's new in the Aircorps" , copyright 1941.


Tegra-Based Android Devices To Get Space MMO Vendetta Online 62

Incarnate-VO writes "Guild Software, makers of the multi-platform space MMO Vendetta Online, is apparently rolling a native Android port, intended for use on upcoming smartbooks and tablets powered by Nvidia's second-generation Tegra. More information on the port at the Android FAQ page on the Vendetta Online website."

Comment Duh, mod insightful (Score 1) 842

If for no better reason than because no one else has managed to post the obvious.

Really, I'd take the pen from the guy break it, and give him a pencil!

I've had people come over to my desk and start writing their notes on my documents, and expecting to walk away with them! Then they are surprised when I stop them.

I get so much more done per hour during off hours, without annoyances and distractions, the boss would freak if he found out.


Submission + - Solar-Powered Plane Makes First Successful Flight (

lilbridge writes: The Solar Impulse, a solar powered plane covered in 12,000 solar cells, took its maiden flight today in Switzerland. The plane stayed aloft for 87 minutes performing test maneuvers as well as completing a successful take off and landing. With the first test flight behind them, the developers can focus on gearing up for their around the world solar powered flight set for 2012. More on

Spitzer Telescope Sheds Light On Colony of Baby Stars 34

astroengine writes "NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope had the unprecedented opportunity to observe the heart of the Orion Nebula for 40 days, returning 80 images of the star-forming region. In doing so, the observatory has been keeping track of 1,500 young stars as they undergo rapid variations in brightness, caused by large 'cool spots' on the surface of the stars and obscuring dust. However, the high resolution images Spitzer is returning take center-stage, showing a tight cluster of stellar birth amid the nebulous clouds of dust. This is an incredible achievement considering its primary mission is over (after using up all of its liquid helium coolant in May 2009) and only two instruments are still working."

Comment No citation available (Score 1) 33

I know it is a small sample, but I've just been fortunate enough to know well and frequently fraternize with several(4 in particular I'm thinking of) really bright people. They are hard for me to classify. As simply as I can state it, they are all very interesting. There are certainly variations among them as they are from the 4 corners of the continent. Yet there are some common features. All came from relatively poor to mid class families. All are well read, but with different interests. All consume drugs for entertainment, alcohol and/or other. A couple are serious devoted sports fans, while two have no interests there. All work in the semiconductor industry. All have a strange, twisted, and sharp sense of humor. You do not want to get into an insult joust with any of them. If I might attempt some generalizations in the current context, they would be socially liberal as in "free". That is, they don't give a damn what your skin color is, unless it makes you sexy exotic somehow. Nor do they care what kind of sex you like; rather they are more likely to want to join in if you show them something different. Finally, they don't care much what you think of their tastes either.

On other matters they are universally quite conservative, intolerant of sheer stupidity and ignorance in themselves and others. The most anger I have ever seen in any of them was in one when he, or the government did something stupid. They are all fiscally sound, think the government should be also, and freedom loving nearly anarchistic. All seem to have a certain recklessness, what one described as "a healthy disrespect for the law". One was the first to reveal to me the concept that "just because it's the law doesn't make it right". If my dad ever heard that, he'd go up in flames.

If you asked any of them "Are you a liberal?" They'd all say no. I'm sure of it. Same for the conservative question. They certainly don't fit any modern representation of "moderate" either as some of their ideas are, at least in these modern contexts, pretty harsh.

Skipping to the end of your post, if intelligence has any effect at all on the reproductive success rate in the modern world, it seems to be counter productive. So I certainly agree with you there.

Comment Re:Yep, and really smart people choose for themsel (Score 1) 33

Yes, that was my point. Note "really smart people". Minor variations to either side of the norm might produce measurable statistics. Once you get to the extremes, you can no longer make such generalizations.

So, if he wants to establish some equivalence between higher IQ scores and higher "liberalness" he fails because people that score higher than the stated 103 will not classify themselves in such a simple minded manner. This is probably why he did not include any stats about people that score 120, 130, or even more. Unfortunately for him, they don't fit his vision.

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