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Comment Windows 8 anyone? (Score 1) 766

What I find interesting is that this whole XP thing is probably gonna repeat itself with Windows 8 IMO. Windows 7 users won't upgrade for the same reason: it's just good enough. In fact, Windows 8 better be really crappy so Windows 9 will have more chances of being a success. My $0.02.

Comment More Windows! (Score 1) 375

Microsoft has for so long depended on it's Windows monopoly for business and now that platforms that aren't Windows-required for regular people to want it are showing up (read not x86 PCs) they realized they have a lot of trouble competing regularly. The solution? "More Windows everywhere of course! It's how we know to play the game."

Comment Pretty solid patent description (Score 1) 101

You might argue about the problems patents bring us but this at least isn't a "systems and methods" patent which I hate so much. It's a pretty solid one... if they were really granted it they got a solid case in my opinion. I hope they won't win because this could really stifle innovation (I'd hate to see a smartphone without a camera, music player, and so on because patents are stopping it or making it too expensive). But in a legal way I think Kodak is unfortunately right.

Comment Re:Repost (Score 1) 620

In the subject of piracy in developing countries: This is an interesting point that seems to be left completely out of the discussion. The governments of developing countries are responsible for, say, American products (which in today's world are basically a necessity) getting astronomical price tags and therefore they are partially responsible for piracy. For instance, here in Brazil I just checked out a website which sells Windows 7 Professional boxes at the equivalent of nearly U$250. An iPhone 4 32GB is sold for the equivalent of over U$1500 without a network contract. Difference between them is, you can pirate Windows. And therefor piracy is absolutely rampant over here. It's almost cultural, even the ISPs don't care at all. My point is if piracy is bad enough in the US because of high prices imagine in places where the stuff cost over three times the original price tag. Sorry but you'll never ever stop or even reduce piracy in certain countries.

Comment Well... (Score 1) 399

Computers could be considered as "means to access illegal content" as much as Thepiratebay gets to be guilty of "providing means to get illegal content". One lawsuit and kiss your processor goodbye. Awesome news for AMD fanboys though. This could mean several new clients for AMD.

Comment Re:Close to a good security model (Score 1) 410

I think this is actually a fairly complex question. Should the user be trusted to do whatever he wants with his machine even if it's highly unsecure? One might say he should be able to do what he wants because he bought the machine and it belongs to him. But then again there are people controlling several thousands of compromised computers in a botnet to cause harm to others. Many of these computers belong to people who couldn't be trusted when it came to the security of their system and someone else might be harmed because of that. It's like selling an assault rifle to someone who keeps it on top of a table within reach of a window (sorry about the horrible analogy. I tried to think of a car one but couldn't).

Comment This sucks (Score 1) 414

It might work good for a reasonably fair country like the US but in crap countries like mine where everything is run by cartels and everything is outrageously overpriced I can see myself paying equivalent to 2 dollars per gigabyte or so. Maybe more. And if America implements this the world will eventually follow.

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