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Comment Re:Netbooks (Score 0) 266

"This shows off a weakness in open source. The people who can make changes to the system are not necessary the ones who should make the decisions on what changes to make."
someone hasnt seen windows 8 yet, this is true of everything, but it is lest true for open source

here i am 18 and all ready an old fart, who knew

Comment Re:Read the book AGAIN! (Score 0) 841

i was that student, i slept through an ap class(well i got my ipod touch during that year so i also beat angry birds w/ 3 stars on everything) i think my senior year i did homework 4 times the whole year

collage is HARD, my high school years didnt help at all, doesn't help the english had always been my worse subject and im expected to write huge papers w/ prefect grammar and spelling


Submission + - oneDrum launches P2P desktop application that allo (

oneDrumNews writes: "oneDrum has launched a platform today that is an intuitive peer-to-peer (P2P) desktop application that lets users securely co-author, file-share and interact in real time on Microsoft Office applications.
It can be accessed free through The software supports all versions of Microsoft Office in a Windows environment and a Mac version will be launched in beta in Q4 2011. Future plans include the development of an application programming interface (API) and software development kit (SDK) to allow users to customize any application they are developing or upgrading to enable it to become collaborative. In February 2012, a premium, subscription-based version will be released providing a variety of extra features such as backup to the cloud and a self-hosted enterprise option.
Videos can be viewed here:"


Submission + - Researchers defeat CAPTCHA on popular websites (

alphadogg writes: Researchers from Stanford University have developed an automated tool that is capable of deciphering text-based anti-spam tests used by many popular websites such as Visa and Blizzard's World of Warcraft with a significant degree of accuracy. The researchers, who presented results of their year-and-a-half long CAPTCHA study at the recent ACM Conference On Computer and Communication Security, devised various methods of cleaning up purposely introduced image background noise and breaking text strings into individual characters for easier recognition, a technique called segmentation.

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