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Comment Re:A bit steep IMO (Score 1) 168

There's the customer charge of $20 a month, the distribution charge from the company based on your consumption, and then the charge for the natural gas consumed which I can get from another supplier. But if I turn off the furnace and hot water heater and make sure that the pilot lights (if they have one) stay off I still pay $20 that month. Just for the privilege of being a customer. For my electricity that's bundled in with the distribution charge.

Say a sinkhole opens up near my home and it takes a just over a month to fix but during that time my electricity and natural gas are shut off. My electricity bill will be $0 but my natural gas bill will still be $20 plus tax.

Comment Re:A bit steep IMO (Score 1) 168

I don't know where they get $60k for the current cost which is shown in the summary. I've looked into it for my current house in the suburbs. My yard isn't big enough to lay the loops out below the frost line so I'd have to drill holes and I was only looking at $30k to $40k. Maybe they looking at the case at having someone come out of the city a fair distance.

I'd really like to get rid of natural gas. Not just for the environmental reasons. They charge $20 a month just to be a customer. It doesn't matter if I don't use any gas at all in the month I still pay the charge. Add tax and it's over $250 a year just for the privelidge of getting natural gas from them. It doesn't matter if I switch providers they will still deliver it and I'll still have to pay that charge.

Comment Re:Your right to point your camera (Score 1) 304

Just because the police were called to a scene it doesn't mean that the reason the people they are interacting with are the cause of the call.

For example there's this case in which a car probably backfired and caused the police to come out. The subjects were just enjoying a nice time when the police came knocking at their door. Not every interaction a police officer has during their shift ends up with someone getting a ticket or getting arrested.

Comment Wrong Age (Score 0) 410

"By the age of 25, this addiction is cemented in the brain and it becomes very difficult -- almost impossible -- to quit," State Rep. Greg Smith, R-Heppner, told KGW.


If 25 is the age that the addiction gets cemented into the brain then why did they only raise the limit to 21? Of course I'd like to know where they got this age of 25 from. Shouldn't it also apply to alcohol?

Of course I'd rather see a total ban on smoking as it doesn't have any good purpose at all. Smokers should be responsible for their own health care costs that are the result of their smoking if they are under a certain age (say 45) unless they are actively trying to quit. They will have free access to smoking cessation help, gum, patches, etc. It's going to take a lot of nicotine gum to cost more than the treatment for lung cancer or a lengthy stay in hospital for emphysema.

Comment Re:Do you want fair elections or not? (Score 1) 343

There are bigger problems than voter fraud in the US. Mainly the gerrymandering of ridings (districts) and creation of laws to disenfranchise certain groups from voting. The fact that politicians are allowed to set their own districts is so baffling to me. In Canada ridings are determined by an independent body. They have to follow a set of rules such as trying to create the simplest shape (or at least it can't go and try to pick out separate blocks or houses) and should try to use boundary lines such as rivers, major highways, and railway lines.

Having impartial people draw up your districts instead of the politicians would go a long way to making your elections more fair.

Comment Re:Agree in theory, but in practice is something e (Score 4, Insightful) 397

If I break the screen on my iPhone given how it's built it's easier and less expensive(?) to go out and buy a new iPhone. If the battery stops holding the charge I need to get a new iPhone because the current one is glued in. The point is that the phones and other items like it should be manufactured so that if something goes wrong to a component like one of those then it should be easy to take the phone in to be repaired. It would be nice to be able to upgrade your storage after purchasing a phone but they aren't even calling for that.

If there was something wrong with anything on the motherboard then you would just take out the board and replace it with an new one. Even that is a lot better than replacing the whole phone. But it's hard to do when manufacturers use special screws and slather glue everywhere.

Comment Re:Let's do some research first (Score 1) 597

Maybe it's a Roman Catholic thing but that's how I was taught when going to the Catholic high school. But that's why they have the no condom rule. The only reason you are supposed to be having sex is to procreate so why would you be using a condom.

That was a fucked up school. More kids carrying knives than the public school I switched to after a couple of years.

Comment Re:I wonder about one of my domains... (Score 1) 365

If you only want to have a couple of users at most there are a few places that offer free email hosting and let you use your domain. I'm currently with and use my domain for mail. Only had one problem with them in a few years. They have a feature that you can assign one user to act as a catch all for any email addresses in the domain that aren't set up instead of having them being returned as no such user. I use it because I sign up to every site with a different email address in order to tell which sites have had leaks or sold my info. For some reason this option got turned off in an update and I lost some emails because they were returned as no such user. But for free they have been very good other than than.

Comment Re:True meaning of the cloud (Score 1) 365

There's no challenge to it. I have my own domain up at for free to accept and send messages but at home I have a Synology NAS which has a mail server as a package. Turn it on, answer a few easy questions, and you are running. I use that one to store all of my messages that I want to keep.

I have my email client configured with the public (currently but it can change easily) and my private. If there's a message I want to keep I just drag it over to a folder that's on my private server or for some things such as email lists I just have a rule that moves it over automatically.

I've had problems in the past with my mail provider so I just get a new one. I switch the DNS entries over myself (I host it with I still have access to the mail even after the switch so I move everything over to my private server and after a week I tell them to close my old account down.

I don't send any mail out using the server on the NAS. It's just there to store messages. It doesn't receive any messages either. I have it behind a firewall which I haven't opened the ports because I don't need to access the messages away from home. If I know that I will need an email I'll just leave it on what I'm calling my public server. Basically the server on the NAS is an archive.

My setup probably won't work well for everyone but it meets my needs perfectly.

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