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Comment Re:Nope (Score 1) 310

I was wondering if they were going to tie it into the GPS to make sure that you were actually at a traffic light or stop sign if you were stopped and not waiting to merge into traffic as you are going on/coming off the highway. Or stopped to let an emergency vehicle by or stopped for a school bus when the whole point is to have your attention looking out for pedestrians.

Comment Re:We'll just live with the slowdown, pretty much. (Score 1) 416

I didn't saw sue them to fix it under warranty. The lawsuit would be for false advertising. In order to fix the bug and have a CPU the operates properly then their products no longer meet the specifications that were promised. This impacts everyone. Just because home users may not see, some will. But they bought computers based on the speed of the processor. Plus don't forget that Intel charges based on the speed that the processor is able to give businesses and users.

Comment Re:We'll just live with the slowdown, pretty much. (Score 1) 416

No, but this would be one of the few times I'd love to see a class action lawsuit. Intel has been selling us CPUs with a specified amount of processing speed and for all of these years because of this bug those CPUs will no longer be able to match those specs.

Rebates should be given out automatically based on the cost of the CPU on systems and an average slowdown for the market that they used the machine for (home use, corporate desktop, server, etc).. Large companies such as Apple, Dell, etc have records of who they sold computers to and it would be a quick first step to get money to people. Others who bought from smaller shops, couldn't be reached by the big companies, or bought parts would have to submit receipts.

Intel keeps doing this and keeps getting away with this. They will still do this unless there is a huge financial penalty for them. With this they could slow down a large proportion of the world's computers and have nothing happen to them.

Comment Re:Not surprising, really. (Score 2) 308

China has stopped taking the West's "recycling" because it was too contaminated for them to use and it went to their garbage stream. It wasn't just one day China said that they weren't going to take the plastics. It's been a long time of them having to say that the stuff being sent over wasn't being prepared properly. If we in the West would separate it properly then China would gladly take it. But to make the programs work we have to tell people to throw it all into one box and then invent mechanical separators because there's a limit to the number of people you can have doing the job manually. (The cost has to be kept down so that's one limit but also not many people want to spend the picking through recycling.)

Comment Re:The problem is the theaters, not the movies. (Score 1) 162

For me it's both. I hate theatres for most of the reasons you suggest. Then there is a lack of movies that I actually want to see. The studios keep putting out movies that are just the same thing. They keep making money with rebooting superhero stories and until they stop that's all we'll get.I'd love to have well-written movies with stories that make me think but I'm in the minority so those movies rarely get made. It's cheap laughs and special effects with just enough story to justify their use for the near future I'm afraid.

Comment Re:Why not mention Amazon subsidies? (Score 1) 338

Raising the USPS rates for Amazon will just cause Amazon to shift over to other carriers over time (as they build up the capacity) and the USPS won't have any money coming in from Amazon. Why would Amazon continue to use USPS if it has other ways to get packages to its customers at the existing lower rates? You won't see prices rise and the USPS will lose an important customer.

But then Trump doesn't really know much about business. This was shown because he wants the US to have a surplus trade balance with every country. He thinks if there's a deficit then somehow the other country is cheating the US.

Comment Re:Reporting is intentionally terrible (Score 2) 681

People shoot the police in other countries too. But those officers don't have the habit of shooting first. The majority of police forces have a military mentality that goes right to their recruiting videos which show officers kicking doors in, shooting guns, and other such things. Plus the police are picking up surplus army equipment.

Policing in the US has to change and engage with the community again. Learn how to calm situations without using their guns. In fact stop pulling their guns out first would be a good start when they have been issued with non-lethal weapons. (I'm not talking about this case specifically but in others where you hear they have shot an unarmed person.) They need to learn from other police forces in the world and even the US army how to engage in dangerous situations because going in and shooting people is making the situation worse.

Comment Re:Stupid court ruling, stupid Amazon (Score 1) 162

The only things I will buy from Amazon are those sold by Amazon itself or if it's sold by a third party seller then it has to be fulfilled by Amazon. That means that Amazon has the item in one of it's warehouses.

Overall I think the third party marketplace has been a failure for customers. It makes Amazon a lot of money for sure. But it's harder to find things now via a search or just drilling down through the categories. Sub-categories are filled with non-related items. I wrote Amazon complaining about how difficult it is to find items due to all of the misplaced items and they thought I wanted help choosing a category as a seller. I said I was looking for something and look at a specific category for example for all of the wrong items in it.

Then you have items with outrageous prices or shipping. I've seen items that are worth less than $20 with prices of over $1000 or S&H of a couple of hundred with a low price (which really messes up the price tracking sites like

I've almost always purchased items that have come from Amazon warehouses and haven't had any problems. I do a fair amount of shopping with them. The one time I didn't follow that rule I had a problem and Amazon refunded my money without an issue.

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