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Comment Re:Why NOT bother? (Score 1) 212

To bad the New York Public Library will only give you a card if your license has a physical address on it for New York. I have lived in the state all my life, but the only address that has ever been on my license is my PO Box, the same address that also is on all my bills as that is where they are mailed to. I also can not give them a copy of a land tax bill as I rent and the landlord pays the taxes.

Well thought it would have been nice to sign up for all of a minute until I came across those terms.

Comment Re:Keyboarding (Score 1) 236

My son in 11th grade with everything he has to take is already doing his second year of not even getting a lunch break in the school day, hes also not the only one. How are they going to force one more course into a schedule that is already over loaded with the government says you must take this courses?

Comment Re:are you kidding? (Score 1) 244

My question is how much of a song needs to be listened to for it to be counted as a play, there are at times when I put on Spotify Radio that I skip ahead on a song after maybe 5 to 10 seconds of it being played. Does that get the same amount of payment as if I had listened to the entire song?

Submission + - Google wins digital library legal battle

mrspoonsi writes: BBC Reports: "Google has defeated a legal action mounted to stop it scanning and uploading millions of books. In 2005, the US Authors Guild sued Google alleging that its plans to create a digital library amounted to massive copyright infringement. In its defence, Google said its plans constituted "fair use" because it was only putting excerpts of texts online. US judge Denny Chin has now sided with Google and dismissed the case brought by the Guild."

Submission + - Twitter Marks Clean Sites as Harmful, Breaks Links

starglider29a writes: This morning, a website (which I maintain) that has a Twitter presence encountered an "unsafe" warning when clicking on the tweets. "This link has been flagged as potentially harmful." After scanning the site, its database, checking with Google, and 3rd party site scanners, I found no evidence of harm. At noon, The Atlantic posted this article which describes the same issue with the Philadelphia City Paper.

If they are incorrect, how does Twitter justify this slander/libel (IANAL)? Has Twitter become the "credit score" for sites in that they are now guilty until proven innocent?

Submission + - Mobile Devices Will Outnumber People by 2017 (

DavidGilbert99 writes: According to the latest report from analysts at CCS Insight, there will be more mobile phones and tablets in use in four years' time than there are people on the planet. With the machines well and truly taking over, will we be using them or will they be controlling us?

Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 329

Last day of extended warranty from BestBuy on a laptop that the dog got caught in the power cable and pulled off the desk. Beyond them taking almost 2 weeks to fix it there was no issue with getting work done on it. Honestly they would have made more money giving us credit as it was a 5 year old gaming laptop and the equivalent then was $300 more.

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