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Comment Re:2018 making up for it (Score 1) 186

Because words are often twisted around to fit a rhetoric that was not intended.

"Believing" very often means "accepting as true without evidence". Or even against all evidence of the contrary. That last part, the evidence, is very important when it comes to "accepting as true", at least for me. Some kind of proof that what is claimed is actually rooted in reality rather than some fantasy.

Accepting as true without verification is exactly what makes fake news and their spread possible.

Comment Re:Neat, but... (Score 1) 97

But right now it's easy to show that it's just an attempt to make a quick buck with gullible and desperate people. You can point to the ingredients, show that they cost about a hundredth of what the stuff is then sold by the quacks and immediately the "the pharma industry just wants to sell you expensive crap" is out the window with a simple pot and kettle comparison.

With that whole 3D setup, you get to hear "but muh superspecialawesome machines!"

Comment Re:Why I hate high IQ people (Score 1) 653

You can't win as a high-IQ.

If you don't explain every single step of your stuff, you get exhibit A (the parent). If you do, you come across as belittling, patronizing and treating everyone like a three year old.

Finding that sweet spot between skipping too much and explaining too much is harder than you might imagine.

Comment People dislike feeling dumb (Score 4, Interesting) 653

Mary: It's okay to be smarter than everybody else, but you can't go around pointing it out.
Sheldon: Why?
Mary: Because people don't like it!

Sorry for the quote. It's rare that BBT-quotes are on topic, so let me have that moment.

People don't dislike smart leaders. They dislike people that make them feel stupid. And with half of the people that's pretty easy to do if your intelligence is even just average. What they like is people that make them feel smart and superior. And that's easy to do for someone who comes across as an idiot.

That might have been true for Bush Jr., but not for Trump. Trump is an asshole, but he ain't stupid. He doesn't even fake being stupid. Then why does Trump "work"? Well, mostly because Hillary didn't, but even that's secondary. Trump offers easy answers to very complicated question. Answers that can be understood by anyone, and as long as nobody questions them or even has to implement them, that's fine.

Unfortunately that only gets you so far. That's basically what fell the Soviet Union. Lots of rhetoric but very little substance in the end, and the smokescreen of martial words and promises eventually evaporates.

Comment Re:2018 making up for it (Score 1) 186

Whether the pen drops to the ground is independent of your belief. You know from experience that things drop to the ground when you release them, you predict that the pen will drop if you release it and you can observe that the pen drops when you release it.

Believing does not enter that equation.

Comment Re:NOW the buck stops with the president... (Score 1) 96

It has changed exactly once in those 200 years. It took 4 years of civil war to get it off the ground and ever since you had two increasingly identical parties.

Not that it was any different before. Actually, it was more blatantly. The Democratic-Republicans of the pre-civil war era split into Democrats and Whigs, who ran the country 1829-1857.

Hey, it's an improvement, at least now you have two parties that didn't start out as one.

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