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Comment Re: If the PS4 gets truly hacked (Score 1) 155

And I get to reuse some of the things you have to buy because you buy the box "all in one". I can forgo buying a new case and power supply. Actually, I can even decide that my graphics card needs an upgrade, or that my CPU is too slow and that needs to be replaced. Or just stick more ram into the machine.

We're talking about hardware, all right, but you want to cut from the discussion any advantages the PC has over consoles. How is this even remotely sensible, unless you just want to "win" the argument? Of course, if you strip the fact that PCs can be upgraded piece by piece, when you strip that the library is way bigger due to the ease of Indie developers being able to participate, if you strip the price gap of games, if you strip that PC games usually come with more graphics and other performance options (unless they're cheaply done console ports), if you willfully ignore that it's easier to attach a console controller to a PC than to fit mouse+keyboard to a console (and have games that actually support them), if you ignore backwards compatibility where PC games from 10 years ago can still be played on the PC you own today.... then of course the console is better because the only thing left is that it costs about 600 bucks instead of the 800+ you'd have to pay for a new PC.

Comment Re:CueKite (Score 1) 84

That's basically also the business model that CueCat tried to follow: Selling data. Those things had a unique serial number that would allow them to at the very least tell which products were used by a single user.

What fell them was that people didn't like that idea. They were just ahead of their time, today you could release such a product and the idiots would jump onto it. Do a Facebook tie-in and it's something you can sell to Zuckerberg for a few millions in a week or two.

Comment Re:Any remember the F-14's? (Score 1) 163

It's not like Grumman could have foreseen that our man in Iran would be ousted by those religious towelheads. Who could have expected the fourth biggest military on the planet to simply crumble to the revolt of "students"?

But don't worry, if history teaches us something else then that all we need if something like this happens is some tinpot dictator to start a war with whoever buys the killer bots.

And later when he's no longer convenient, we can simply dispose of him.

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