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Comment So far, I like it (Score 1) 132

I have Chrome OS running on VirtualBox - works as advertised, and when it is solid I'll probably buy a low cost device running it for travel, web browsing around the house and yard, etc.

I am hoping that it will eventually include a *great* xterm app with SSH support so it can also be used to monitor servers, and light weight admin work.

Comment I enjoyed the screen shots (Score 1) 419

I dual boot my MacBook between Ubuntu and OS X, so the screen shots were interesting to me. I liked the multi-desktop preview with window drag and drop but OS X already has that - very convenient when arranging work flows. I thought that the central date display with drop down calendar was good also.

OTR: love to see innovation: I think that software engineering and computer science are the premier creative avocations because what we do is both 'self interesting' and enables most other fields.

Comment Let's keep score and try to assign a letter grade (Score 1) 720

Let's grade our (USA) government on:

* Transparency on real unemployment rates
* Transparency on getting into the Iraq war
* Transparency on getting into the Vietnam war
* Transparency on (not) publishing the M3 figures

I could go on, but I'll subjectively assign a grade of "D-"

It may be a cliche, but people are good and governments are usually mediocre at best.

Comment Re:bad design (Score 1) 381

I would mod you up as "mucho interesting" if I had the points...

I also appreciate how open Facebook is on their techniques to solve problems, open sourcing things like Cassandra, etc.

Comment I keep MongoDB, Sesame, and CouchDB always running (Score 1) 381

MongoDB starts as a service on my MacBook and on my local network I always keep services for Sesame (RDF data store, SPARQL endpoint), MongoDB, and CouchDB running.

It is easier to use NoSQL datastores (when they are appropriate) if you always have them running, have client libraries in place, etc.

If you want to use a relational database, you don't have to stop to install it, get client libraires, etc. I think the same 'ready at hand-ness' shoud apply to whatever NoSQL datastores that meet your needs.

Comment No way will any meaningful bill pass in Senate (Score 1) 1698

Our corporate overlords (those who own Congress) won't allow it.

Call me cynical, but I think that our overlords (one of my friends calls these people "the owners", and she has that right) let the House pass this bill to keep people's hopes alive and distracted.

I am basically against large government expenditures, but the cost of our military industrial complex is so much more that what a reasonable medical bill would cost, that I have softened my position and now I do support health care reform.

BTW, we could save a lot of money by trimming our ""defense"" costs but that is not going to happen because a relatively few people make so much profit that any reform there is not going to happen.

Comment Looks like a great platform to develop for (Score 2, Insightful) 121

Many years ago, I did to J2ME projects for customers. I have played with the iPhone dev tools, but don't really like the platform or the constraints of the AppStore.

The Android plugins for Eclipse really make this a nice "coders platform." I expect to see more web portals to provide customized rich clients (perhaps for free) to make for easier mobile access. ANyway, getting more into the Android platform has been on my short list for a while.

BTW, a little off topic, but the rumors are that Google is going to open an app store for Google Wave plugins. Nice addition to an app store for Android aps.

Comment I tried it first thing this morning (Score 1) 173

Copying from my blog (

Amazon just released a beta of their Relational Database Service (RDS). You pay by the EC2 instance hour, about the same cost as a plain EC2, but about $0.01/hour more for a small instance, plus some storage costs, and bandwidth costs if you access the database outside of an Amazon availability zone.

RDS MyQL compatible (version 5.1) and is automatically monitored, restarted, and backed up.

Currently, there is no master slave replication, but this is being worked on (RDS beta just started today).

Here are my notes on my first use of RDS:

        * Install the RDS command line tools
        * rds-create-db-instance --db-instance-identifier marktesting123 --allocated-storage 5 --db-instance-class db.m1.small --engine MySQL5.1 --master-username marktesting123 --master-user-password markpasstesting123
        * Wait a few minutes and see if the RDS instance is ready: rds-describe-db-instances
        * Open up ports for external access, if required (note, here I am opening up for world wide access just for this test): rds-authorize-db-security-group-ingress default --cidr-ip
        * Use a mysql client to connect: mysql -h -u marktesting123 -p
        * create database recipes;
        * in another bash shell: cat recipes.sql | mysql -h recipes -u marktesting123 -p
        * In the mysql client: use the remote RDS hosted database and be happy :-)
        * delete RDS instance (to stop paying for it): rds-delete-db-instance marktestng123 --skip-final-snapshot

Any mysql client libraries should work fine.

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