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Submission + - Drone hits aircraft over Illinois (

garymortimer writes: The unconfirmed report is that a “company survey” aircraft impacted a small UAS at 2,500 feet near Lewis University (KLOT) Illinois on August 27, 2015 causing damage to the leading edge of the manned aircraft wing. The only confirmed RPAS manned aircraft stirke occured in 2011 in Afghanistan.

More as we get it but this is what we know...

Submission + - Amazons secret USA drone test site (

garymortimer writes: Amazon just registered its third official drone. N394PA appeared on the register just last Thursday.

We can learn some stuff from their naming, its a mark 24, so I think it’s fair to assume the 24th type of prototype and its serial number 14 so there are at least 14 mark 24’s out in the wild.

Now thanks to satellite images and Google Earth their US test site might have been unearthed.

Submission + - Hold the phone, Samsung selfie drone. (

garymortimer writes: Just a selfie drone from Samsung, I think not. Lost in translation perhaps. IoT drone like what Sony is doing. I think so.

Back in 2011 Samsung launched 200 paper aeroplanes from the edge of space to demonstrate just how tough their SD cards are.

Submission + - Where are all the legal drones based in America? (

garymortimer writes: Leading unmanned aviation blog, sUAS News today released a map showing more than 600 drone operators that the FAA has granted permission to fly commercially.

Not only does Canada have an applicant but Switzerland and the UK as well.

The drones are used for a wide range of tasks from mapping farms to search and rescue. The majority are multirotors.

Submission + - 48% of US licenced drones made in China (

garymortimer writes: If you are to judge success in the American RPA industry. The number of commercially licenced platforms each manufacturer has in service might be a guide. Colin Snow makes the valid point earlier in today’s news that forecasts are very often wrong so better to work with the known.

We have a Drone Spotters page, started to monitor where platforms were going and who were buying them after a fatal RPAS incident in 2012

Looking at the civil market several companies, most notably AeroVironment were issued N numbers for aircraft under the old COA system.

But for now lets not try and separate them out, lets take it as a whole. As I write there are 51 manufacturers and 380 N registered sUAS in America.

Submission + - $10 million dollars invested in crowd funded drones. (

garymortimer writes: GoPro take note, the most popular Kickstarter does not use your camera.

Not a day passes at sUAS News where I am not asked to feature a new Kickstarter or Indiegogo crowd funded project.

This made me wonder how some of the higher profile ones are carrying on, top of mind because of the spectacular failure of the Pocket Copter. The platform that managed to burn down nearly one million dollars and leave many unhappy folks.

Submission + - Video:- Puppy delivery by drone (

garymortimer writes: Ok I have a new favorite drone parody. The campaign launched by A puppy is not a product seeks to highlight the almost exponential growth of puppy mills. An animal welfare issue being helped along ironically by online buying. The very market seeking to use drones.

Submission + - Drone show to replace Top Gear (

garymortimer writes: Airheads, will pit teams of drone constructors against each other in building and flying challenges. Much like Robot Wars, did in the 80s. The program is produced by Graham Nortons SO Television and will take Sunday nights Top Gear slot

Submission + - Drone v drone, catcher canon nets UAV in flight (

garymortimer writes: To counter the threat of unlawful use of unmanned systems, the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice, together with the Dutch National Police and the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, has selected a number of projects in which concepts are developed that can be used to detect, indentify and/or remove these mobile systems in a controlled manner. Project ‘DroneCatcher’ of the Dutch SME Delft Dynamics, is one of the best ideas that has been selected to carry out a feasibility study.

Last week Delft Dynamics successfully completed a range of test flights, which showed that is is feasible to capture drones in midair by shooting a net from another drone.

Submission + - Drone takes photos of airliners moments before landing at KLIA (

garymortimer writes: I keep seeing RPAS flights that make me cringe, I think Instagram user @yengnasir ( who has pulled his content) is my new winner.

He flew his DJI Phantom Vision 2 at the landing end of the runway at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. KLIA is Malaysia’s main international airport and one of the major airports of South East Asia. It is ranked the eleventh busiest airport in the world by international passenger traffic.

Submission + - DJI, White House drone maker releases mandatory firmware update (

garymortimer writes: DJI will release a mandatory firmware update for the Phantom 2, Phantom 2 Vision, and Phantom 2 Vision+ to help users comply with the FAA’s Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) 0/8326, which restricts unmanned flight around the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

The updated firmware (V3.10) will be released in coming days and adds a No-Fly Zone centered on downtown Washington.

Submission + - FAA gives DJI Phantom drone green light for commercial flight ( 1

garymortimer writes: A quite astounding turn around by the FAA on the face of it, if this is allowed to be replicated then it opens the flood gates for farmers as well as many others. Perhaps Jim Williams of the FAA is going to mention it in his CES group discussion.

Looks like the chap needs to get a PPL but that’s not hard. I won’t comment much further, read it all here and some extracts that stood out to me below. If you want to start operating your Phantom commercially I would copy and paste this application and get a PPL ASAP.

Submission + - Drone Delivers Christmas Trees (

garymortimer writes: Intuitive Aerial AB (publ) is based in Linköping, Sweden and makes the Aerigon – an exceptional multi rotor helicopter system for professional cinema and broadcast use. Aerigon is being used in high-end productions such as “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and “Into the Woods” by Disney, and “One Planet” by BBC.

Submission + - World's First Flying 4k Camera DJI Inspire 1 (

garymortimer writes: San Francisco, November 12, 2014 – DJI, a global leader in aerial photography and cinematography platforms, today announced the release of the DJI Inspire 1, the world’s first flying 4K camera that offers midair transformation as well as a built-in wireless HD video transmitter, stabilization indoors without GPS and more camera control than ever.

This tool bridges DJI’s consumer and professional products that are the aerial platforms of choice for professional photographers and cinematographers worldwide.

“We see this as the perfect combination of the Phantom and Spreading Wings series, being able to take off at the touch of a button while simultaneously giving users fine control of the images they capture,” said Frank Wang, DJI CEO and co-founder.

In addition to incorporating a groundbreaking 4K aerial camera, the Inspire 1 camera maintains stability even in strong wind conditions via an integrated 3-axis gimbal.

The Inspire 1 integrates DJI’s patented wireless HD transmitter, Lightbridge, and comes with a fully redesigned mobile app that runs across both iOS and Android devices, broadcasting 1080p video at a distance of 1.7km.

Submission + - DARPA want flying drone aircraft carriers (

garymortimer writes: Military air operations typically rely on large, manned, robust aircraft, but such missions put these expensive assets—and their pilots—at risk. While small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) can reduce or eliminate such risks, they lack the speed, range and endurance of larger aircraft. These complementary traits suggest potential benefits in a blended approach—one in which larger aircraft would carry, launch and recover multiple small UAS. Such an approach could greatly extend the range of UAS operations, enhance overall safety, and cost-effectively enable groundbreaking capabilities for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) and other missions.

To explore and expedite the possible development of these potential benefits, DARPA has issued a Request for Information (RFI) seeking technical, security and business insights addressing the feasibility and potential value of an ability to launch and recover multiple small unmanned air systems from one or more types of existing large manned aircraft, such as C-130 transport planes.

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