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Comment Re:Will EV work outside cities and suburbs? (Score 1) 72

But I say all this in the knowledge that there are lots of people I know without a driveway so can't charge at home, or who live more than 50 miles from work, or can't afford 2 (new) cars, or can't park 2 cars or ...

Certainly in my inner city area about 1/3 of households have a car but I'd guess the vast majority of those are parked far from their domestic supply.

Comment Will EV work outside cities and suburbs? (Score 1) 72

I really can't see EVs catching on. Early car pioneers carried cans of spare fuel but you can't do that with a pure EV. And 30 mins to charge? And how long is the queue for the charge point even if you manage to find one? I've read reports of UK public chargers being unreliable.

EVs are probably a good thing but range anxiety will take a lot of overcoming.

Comment Re:Difference in work product (Score 1) 587

The UK might become the new India for outsourcing. Perfect command of English, only 5 hours time difference so at least there is some overlap, similar culture... But much lower wages. As the value of our currency continues to decline and we push for cheaper labour and lower pay, we will start to become very competitive with India for highly skilled developers.

Except the UK has an IT skills shortage and has to import EU and non-EU engineers to deal with local demand as it is.

Comment Re:The whole idea is stupid (Score 1) 220

Do they really think that if some ISIS guy flies in, he's going to fill out the customs form honestly and say "Yep, my Twitter handle is @jihad4lyfe!" It's preposterous to think this would be effective at gathering any sort of reasonable intelligence.

The USA citizenship application form has the question: "Have you ever advocated (either indirectly or directly) the overthrow of any government by force or violence?" I remember there used to be something similar on landing cards about overthrowing the US government. There are various apocryphal stories of wits writing "sole purpose of visit".

Comment Re:Save often, make backups (Score 1) 465

Yes, it's called "don't be a fucking retard and save multiple copies of everything locally".

Seriously. If you can't be bothered to make the tiniest bit of effort to preserve your work then it obviously has no value.

Clearly he should have copies of the artwork but you can't back up social media and the relationships you build there.

Comment Re:Sorry, Not Sorry (Score 1) 767

If people are driving properly, and obeying the speed limit, then your complaints are groundless. You can kvetch all you want, as that's your right? But unless you buy the street and make it private, then you have to accept it as part and parcel of living in a civilized society.

In British cities, the local authorities often close off parts of roads to prevent "rat running" through residential areas. That's more civilized.

Comment Re:Senile? (Score 2) 951

The idea that we are living inside a simulation is far from original from Musk. Perhaps the most prominent contemporary proponent of this idea is the philosopher Nick Bostrom.

It's also peripherally related to the idea of a Boltzmann brain

When I first heard this hypothesis I started thinking about how you would model an infinite universe. The distances between the stars compared to the lifespan of a human could be an artificial barrier to limit the size of the simulation.

Comment I know how to type but I don't know what to write (Score 4, Interesting) 255

You might as well say you know how to touch type but are staring at a blank sheet of paper. Programming is a tool for solving problems. You need to have a problem domain you're interested in (or somebody is paying you to be). Everything else is reinventing the wheel for practice.

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