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Comment Re:Glad (Score 1) 233

They were too late to the game. If they had been first they probably would have been the standard.

I had a Windows Phone before Apple started making Ipods being the first in the game is no guarantee of success.

Comment Re:ad absudium (Score 1) 396

I'm not sure I get the difference between personally feeling safer vs making society safer.

My father was a general duties police office for 35 years. He carried a firearm every single day. In his entire career he never drew his weapon once. This was working in a large city with all the problems that entails.

I have zero issue with people carrying firearms, or owning them, or shooting them. It was purely a comment on people feeling it made themselves safer (or in your case society) through carrying them.

Comment Re:ad absudium (Score 1) 396

Sorry I didn't mean to sound patronizing.

The reason for surrendering the firearms (well technically I sold them) was that to maintain a pistol license I had to do 6 competitive shoots per year. I was in rehab for 18 months so didn't complete the required shoots.

In my case the firearms were for a sport. Pistols are tightly controlled but I have no issue with that. I appreciate you see it differently, but I didn't want to start an argument about gun control. Even if carrying a firearm at all times was legal where I am my comment is still that it was sad that it is something that was felt to be warranted.

Comment Re:ad absudium (Score 1) 396

The OP was refreshing in his approach to when he would draw his weapon. And I get the tool analogy.

But going with your tool analogy, if you're a car mechanic then carrying a set of flue brushes on the off chance you have to suddenly service a steam locomotive is about the equivalent.

I genuinely expect to go my entire life, in the country I live, to neither go through, or knowing anyone who goes through an encounter where their life or those of people around them are at risk from an individuals actions.

Comment Re:ad absudium (Score 1) 396

For whatever reason where I live we lack the rough areas like you describe. Sure it's far from rainbows and unicorns here. But your risk of assault or similar is very very low. So while you have your routine it was more that I was commenting that it ever became a routine at all.

And I know knives have their uses as tools. I have one in the toolkit of my motorcycle for example. Mine was more the comment on the knife as weapon.

Comment Re:ad absudium (Score 1) 396

Yeah. I have a trauma kit in my car as well. Unfortunately I have used it but that's not really relevant to this.

I don't consider myself reliant on the state in the way that you're describing. But in the same way I don't carry a shovel with me every where I go, just cause I might need to dig a hole, I don't have a need to carry a knife or any other weapon with me. The chances of me ever being a situation where one was needed or even desirable are just too low. To be honest I'm more likely to need that shovel.

I actually used to own pistols for competitive target shooting. I was pretty good till I shattered my wrist in a motorcycle accident and I never got around to going back to the sport. Because of the down time I was required to get rid of my weapons in the country in which I live.

I don't care if you or others want to carry a gun. I just feel a bit sad that it is something that you feel is worth doing.

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