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Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 1) 121

why too stressed?

see I rember the protestant reform like it was yesterday... Oliver's Army staying just round the corner, white niggers everywhere.

Martin Luthor getting the Lyrics down... oh come on... ye faithful. get ye arse in gear.

I wonder, is there any mention of any kind of prediction relating to the good old catholic deed dooing lot and their bloody ponzi schemes anywhere lurking on the English Parliament website?
red blue red blue... oh such a card choice if only I could stop thinking of myself for once.

Comment Re:This overlooks various marketing opportunities (Score 1) 59

It's more given any set of deeds where one tends to deeds the set of deeds with least resistance would be chosen. stress testing may be required. ponzi schemes set-up, choose an existing one you make your own or do some interfacing.

There does however exist a set of people who tend to faith, this system seems bizarre to the deed doers. But an old time measure (martin Luthor) related to the notion of free will.

The is to say it was the deed of eating the apple from the tree of knowledge that was bad.
The corruption of innocence, to know of but not be bad.

Some could say that it's all an allegory of a cave, others empathy or mirror neurons and alternative learning styles.

Comment Re:Still wondering... (Score 1) 490

check out the pyramid on the dollar....

without being to objectify something the 'closed' system will always tend towards the lowest entropy of the authority (self).

They knew this would happen as long ago as the protestant reform (the last time it seriously happened)
it's ponzi schemes all the way down... what we need is a bizarre hedge.

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