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Comment Re:Oh no! (Score 0) 339

Mot people do not need internet service or a computer. And, smart phones are still luxury items. That $100 for the android phone is also food for a week, an electric bill, almost a week's rent in a cheap apartment. Almost no one needs one. In fact, considering how most people use their phones almost exclusively for texting, most people would be better off with a two way pager.

I like the way you put that "rent and bills and food". Well, you know what, "bills" encompasses a lot of things. I also notice you didn't include any money put aside for emergencies. And, again, mobile data access is not a necessity, it is a luxury. A cell phone and cell service can substitute, and may be better than, home phone service, but the data connectivity is not needed and is, in fact, a luxury.

You never leave your house and communicate with the outside world with nothing more than your smart phone, right? I mean, that is the only reason I can see for insisting that one requires a smart phone with data access to communicate with the outside world, especially considering that one can simply go outside and interact with the outside world, you fucking, spoiled little shit.

You know, shithead, I see people every day who live here in America without smart phones and without computers. You know how they do it? They have a regular cell phone, they make friends with their neighbors, and they go to a fucking library to use a computer. These people live in crappy neighborhoods, and are poor. But, you know what they don't have and don't need to go about their lives? Smart phones, laptops, home computers, and mobile data access.

You are complaining that they are not able to afford a luxury good, when they are busy spending their money on the necessities of life. Oh, and a lot of these people will have one, maybe two cell phones per HOUSEHOLD, which may consist of three generations.

I suggest you and your self-righteous ilk actually interact with the poor some time. And, I don't mean the drug dealers, drug addicted strippers, pimps, whores, and assorted other criminal lowlifes you get your jollies with, I mean the actual working poor. I have been one and I can tell you have never been. I have no doubt that you are an over-entitled college student who is still busy sucking on mommy's tit and fucking off in school to get a real job and is probably too scared to actually talk to a real poor person.

You are an ignorant, over-entitled, spoiled, pissant with delusions of helping the poor by giving them things they don't need but you think are necessities. You would give the poor polo mallets when what they really want is food, shelter, and decent paying jobs.

Comment Re:Oh no! (Score 0) 339

Let me get this straight. You didn't monitor your usage and went over your allowed data plan and are upset because they notified you at 0800 instead of immediately when you ran out at 0300 even though they are not required to notify you at all. Does that sound about right?

Sounds to me like you fit right in here in America with your victim mentality.

You are responsible for monitoring your usage, not the cell company. Next time, act like a responsible adult and monitor your usage.

Comment Re:Oh no! (Score 0) 339

I think you and any poor person who is using a smart phone need to get your priorities straight. If someone is poor, then that person should not be wasting money buying a smart phone or data plan. They have more important things to worry about such as the basics of life like food and shelter.

If you can not qualify or afford either a contract or a monthly plan, then you really shouldn't be spending the money on a smart phone because, honestly, you don't have the resources.

Complaining that poor people are getting soaked in the mobile phone data market is like complaining that poor people are getting a bum deal when it comes to buying champaign and caviar or driving exotic sports cars.. Just because a product is available, it does not follow that the product is going to be affordable for everyone. Every product or service is not not targeted at all segments of the population nor are they required to be priced so everyone can afford them.

Comment Re:4th Amendment? (Score 0) 400

A) A specific car is NOT being recorded. All cars passing are being recorded. Your argument is invalid.

B) No, you do not need to get judicial oversight for what you have described. A no-one' s fourth amendment rights are not being violated in the scenario you describe specifically because the vehicle in question is in plain view of the public on a public road. Surveillance only requires judicial oversight when it intrudes on a person's privacy, such as tapping phones, entering private locations, intercepting packages, etc. Assuming you are not lying about being a former federal agent (doing so may be a violation of federal law, btw), your agency may have required it (which I seriously doubt), but the law does not.

And, I do not believe you are a former federal agent for any investigative agency of the executive branch.

Comment Re:4th Amendment? (Score 0) 400

You are in public and have no expectation of privacy from what can be casually observed. Neither you or your vehicle is being searched. Your vehicle is in plain sight. It is being observed in a specific location, just as if a police car drove past it and the officer noted it. This is no more a search than if a police officer went by, on foot or in a car, and saw you waving a gun around or passing a pipe with pot in it back and forth with a friend.

Stop trying to claim that being seen on a public road is a violation of your privacy. I will say it again: You do not have an expectation of privacy for anything casually observable while you are in a public location. Quit invading our public with your private.

Comment Re:Inflammatory headline (Score -1) 519

It is not YOUR money. It would come out of an ATM that you do not own from an account that is not yours, therefore it is not your money.

You, yourself, said that it is only stealing when a removable object is involved. Well, no removable object of yours is involved at all. By YOUR definition it would not be stealing. So, either admit you are a lying hypocrite or that it is not stealing.

It always amuses me when little thieves like you, who have no problem taking OTHER people's information, suddenly see taking bits and information as wrong when it is YOUR information and bits. You are a lying, thieving hypocrite. You deprive others of their just gain because you are too cheap and selfish to do without that which you would not purchase.

Oh, and while we are at it, the definition of stealing is:

Take another person's property without permission or legal right and without intending to return it

The information is legally the property of someone else and you have taken the information without legal right to do so. Therefore, it is stealing. You will note that the definition of stealing does not include anything about depriving the owner use of the thing stolen. Just like the guys in Florida who "stole" empty houses by filing adverse possession claims, which were false, and then renting the houses out.

Comment Re:Inflammatory headline (Score -1) 519

How about if someone took the information that represents your bank account balance and moved them to his bank account. No mobile object has been removed and only bits diddled. How about if someone cloned your ATM card and sniped your PIN, then made withdrawals? None of your mobile objects have been removed. Still think it is not stealing?

Comment Missing something important (Score 0) 228

132 on this article and not one about Michael Jewson and his criminal behavior. No, ever single one is about how the company was stupid to trust their ISP to have backups.

This shouldn't surprise me as most Slashdotters seem to approve of the kind of act Jewson committed. I have no doubt many are envious that he was able to do it while they themselves are incapable of striking back at their former employers.

Comment Don't trust it? (Score 0) 413

If you don't trust it, don't use it.

Stop demanding they make special concessions and comply with your desires so you will condescend to use their products. Don't use it, you stupid fucks, because they don't need you. You are not special and no one is forcing you to use their services. The arrogance of your "request" is appalling.

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