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Comment Re:Killer App (Score 1) 469

Social conventions say it is very rude and offensive to fail to recognise someone

I've never seen that, but if certain people get upset about that, then they're ignoring the reality that the human brain often forgets things. They aren't special, and there's no particular reason that you'd remember their name. I think that social convention, if it exists anywhere, is absolute garbage and should be ignored outright.

Comment Re:Will this "War on Terrorism" ever end . . . ? (Score 1) 349

I could understand that after 9/11, drastic measures were necessary to fight terrorism at the time.

Then that is where you fail. I do not believe freedoms should be sacrificed in exchange for safety (real or otherwise), and certainly not so after something like the 9/11 attacks.

Comment Re:If the fines were lower... (Score 1) 348

I just can't see why getting molested at airports, having your communications spied on, and being recorded/tracked in public places could ever be a good thing. They all result people saying things such as, "I want safety, and I don't care if I have to sacrifice people's freedoms and privacy to get it!" We place limitations on governments because they are made up of humans who cannot be trusted, so why trust them with placing cameras in public places (Which I would oppose even if there were no slippery slope or potential for abuse.) and then blindly believing them when they say the cameras won't be used for anything else? It's not like history has countless examples of governments expanding their powers or anything.

Comment Re:If the fines were lower... (Score 1) 348

"Soon enough, they'll run a red light. Then we'll have everything we need to send them to Guantanamo."

Which assumes they're only used for their stated purpose.

Just in case my point isn't clear: the government is actually doing things that are really fucking bad, right now, but you're getting pissed off about red light cameras.

X being worse than Y does not mean that Y isn't bad. Yes, the government may be doing worse things, but that doesn't mean red light cameras aren't a problem.

Comment Re:If the fines were lower... (Score 1) 348

I could turn that around and say that I believe you to be unprincipled for desiring privacy that strongly.

You could, but I would say that anyone who would say such a thing should probably isolate themselves from the rest of the world; can't have them ruining countries with their nonsense.

In the land of the free and the home of the brave, I would not expect safety to be even close to a prime concern, and especially so when fundamental liberties and privacy are at stake.

The real world is a giant balancing game: if you lean all the way to one side you'll fall over.

I'd say that's utterly false. Extremes are not always wrong, and something being 'extreme' (which is subjective) does not even mean it is likely to be wrong, as most issues are subjective. I don't know if that's what you were trying to get at, but if not, then I have no idea what message you were trying to convey.

Comment Re:Quite a bit different than NSA tracking (Score 2) 201

There is no expectation of privacy when driving a vehicle on public roads.

I fully expect that governments not record my movements with cameras in public places.

Operating a vehicle (at least in the US) is heavily regulated, requiring registration of the vehicle, insurance, and licensed operators.


Comment Re:What will Cameron do then? (Score 0) 227

At this point your argument has become circular - assuming the proposition without proof.

What, you mean like what you've been doing the entire time? I simply stated my opinion; that is not circular.

It doesn't help that you keep resorting to the strawman of black and white reasoning either ("completely without brains" and "magical brainwashing rays").

Not so much a straw man as it is me not understanding your vague nonsense. When people mention nonsense about "role models" and how porn is somehow harmful, I can do little else but mock them.

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