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Comment *sigh* Iternet ! build to be bomb proof... (Score 2, Informative) 198

The internet itself exists because the US military was seeking a way to maintain communications in the event that a major city was destroyed with an atomic bomb, causing a disruption in telephone communications.

Why, oh why do people keep trotting out this tired old myth?

The ARPANet wasn't created to survive a nuclear holocaust. Hey geniuses, it used common (though pricey and high speed) telco circuits - the same as carried telephone communications. They weren't hardened or anything like that. Explain to me how they'd stay put when everything else went kablooie?

The original purpose of the ARPANet was to allow resource sharing between research centers with computing resources that were being funded by and/or involved in defense level research. Even after the first dozen-odd IMPs (routers of their day, and amazingly only refrigerator sized, compared to the behemoths that they interconnected), they weren't even hardened.

Ironically, it would be over 20 years from the inception of the ARPANet that there would be a sufficiently large number of nodes and more imporantly links to give the Internet the level of robustness that might give it a reasonable chance of surviving an all out nuclear attack, the kind that people continually champion as its original raison d'être.

Anyone who's interested in learning more should really read the excellent book, _Where Wizards Stay Up Late_.

Comment Not only on MacOS X... (Score 3, Interesting) 535

On Windows myself, and I'd just updated to GE5, and found this this morning. Of course, no way to uninstall.

Deleted the service entries under HKLM/System/CCS. Rebooted, removed PF/Google/Updater/*

Removed inherited permissions on Updater and made the folder read-only (never thought I'd be truly thankfull for NTFS).

I totally disagree about this, but GE and GTalk seem to run ok with the above changes.

Comment Snow? (Score 1) 1397

Just like my user name, I decided to go with the word "snow" in various languages. So far, I have my router chioni, server nix, desktop losse, and various other names for components. My wii is yuki, my xbox 360 is xue, my ipod touch is lumi. Beyond that I've also used "eira" and "schnee".

So... do you actually have something named "snow"?

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