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Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 255

Why can't anybody just make a moderately successful product any more without having to "change the industry" with their "new paradigm"?

Because unless it's an immanent-threattoyourlife-OMFG-terroristattack or an industry-changing ultra-mega-blockbuster-paradigmshifting-neweconomycreating-widget, it's not sensational enough to make it into the newstainmentblogosphere.

Comment Re:It is a jobs program. Doesn't actually do anyth (Score 1) 457

Competitive mechanisms favor the group that cuts costs, reduces quality and undercuts the higher quality competitors.

If by "Competitive mechanisms" you mean "consumers" then you are sometimes correct. What opposite troll here doesn't realize is that there are two dimensions to a free market, the suppliers AND consumers. Suppliers don't just get away with whatever they can to increase revenue, they get away with what the market will bear. If consumers want lower prices then suppliers will figure out a way to lower prices. Business is not 100% to blame for sacrifices in quality.

Comment Re:It's not just Bitcoin. (Score 2) 535

I contest that the reason some addicts do "whatever they can to obtain the substance in question" is because the substance in question is cost-prohibitive precisely because of its legal status. Prohibition drives up prices significantly, that is not debatable. How many food addicts knocked over a liquor store last year to feed their twinkie addiction? How much violent crime is committed alcoholics specifically for the purpose of obtaining more alcohol? I don't have either of these numbers, but I would bet they agree.

Comment Re:Did your congressman do his duty? (Score 2) 422

So go ahead, attempt to equate the parties, but on issues like this, the truth is absolutely clear, them dems are definitely the lesser of two evils.

You mean like the one who signed this into law? Like the one who promised to close Gitmo? Like the one who based his entire political campeign on peace? Like the one who promised Federal resources wouldn't be spent on prosecuting individuals who abide by state laws? I'm so sick of this "the democrats are the lesser of two evils" nonsense.

Comment Re:Stay away from my daughters Duke (Score 5, Funny) 277

I have a solution for you, and it doesn't involve groveling in front of your wife-master! First, wait till your wife-master is asleep, then open up her purse and find your balls. Next, re-attach your balls between your legs (or somewhere else if you're feeling adventurous). Now would be a good time to drink a beer, play the damn game, pat yourself on the back like a man, and try to remember that you're an individual and not a freaking slave to that ring on your finger.

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