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Comment Re:UK and CHINA (Score 1) 282

No. China has decent food.

I admit it's been nearly 15 years since I was in the UK, but I found nothing wrong with the food. Now, I tend to like fish and chips (which nobody does consistently better than Britain) and your basic "steak and potatoes" kind of pub food. Maybe the fancier restaurants have crappy food, but I never went to any of them.

Comment Re:no end-to-end no streaming media (Score 1) 282

Er, Verisign and a lot of other big "private" certificate authorities have been hacked years ago.

Verisign is not a private CA in any sense of the word. The CA that I set up for myself and my VPN so I can connect to my office network securely when I'm working at a customer site? That's a private CA.

The CA that's set up by a company that's used internally and for direct customers of that company? That's sort of a private CA. A hell of a lot closer than Verisign is, anyway...

Comment Re:This is actually a good thing in the big pictur (Score 1) 118

Unfortunately, backups that are connected to the system, such as those running automatically each day, are vulnerable. Is there some sort of a backup system that is normally disconnected unless a backup is being made? A robot arm that physically yanks the USB connection when not in use? Of course, malware could manipulate the robot arm. Hmm.

This isn't entirely true. Backups that are connected to or directly accessible by the machine that contains the data you want to back up are vulnerable.
Backups that are connected to a different machine, that doesn't contain your data and isn't accessible by that machine are safe. I'm working on just such a thing, actually, as part of a remote support and management service I've been building.

Comment Re:Stupid Software Design Decisions (Score 2) 212

If the scan engine wasn't running as Ring 0 kernel drivers, then it wouldn't be able to detect Ring 0 rootkit drivers, and other such crapware. Since we know there are kernel vulnerabilities which allow infection with Ring 0 malware, not running your scanner at least partially in Ring 0 would make it even less useful than it currently is.

Comment Re: Whut? (Score 1) 365

My 2010 charger and 2007 grand caravan do not have "hand" brakes. They both have ratchet pedals for the emergenct brake. The caravans is siezed and does not work because of salty roads here in the winter.

I'm in Ontario. Use the parking brake every time you park, whether on a slope or level ground, and you'll find it doesn't seize. The only seized cables I've had are when I bought a used car as is from someone who never used it. Both times I replaced the cable, and used it regularly. Years later, it was still working fine.

Comment Re:No User Serviceable Parts inside (Score 1) 224

But a repair is a repair, and I didn't mean to imply that one was less valid than another; just that, on some devices, "component level" repair by the average person is in no way practical. And mobile devices fall squarely into the "cannot troubleshoot at the component-level" category.

Ahh, that's the problem. See, you were the first person to mention component vs module, while the rest of us were just talking about repairs in general. To me, your wording implied that a module replacement wasn't really a "repair" because you were just replacing a module. Maybe I read into it something that wasn't there.

I agree with what you're saying, but I'd go one further: Any repair, component or otherwise, of virtually anything by the average person is completely impractical.

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