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Comment Re:Besides the blantant bloodshed... (Score 5, Insightful) 490

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Complaining about the irrelevance of stories is a time honored tradition here, along with grammar nazis and tired memes.

Comment Re:Or, just read a book. (Score 1) 448

Let's not overlook Eddie Murphy's courageous journey in the other direction, White Like Me.

Years ago I heard about how a journalist actually followed up on Griffin and spoke with some of the people he lived among in his new racial identity; apparently the common reaction was to laugh uproariously behind his back at this crazy honky. Can't find anything about this now though. Maybe it's an urban legend?

Comment Re:Montana used to have no speed limit at all... (Score 1) 525

Out of interest, how well is the speed limit in somewhere like Montana policed? Do the cops actually pull people for doing 1mph over the current limit?

I tried to get an answer to that question and was met with the usual barrage of seems to be handled on a state-by-state basis but there isn't a resource I could find that laid things out in a simple manner. Here in Oregon I've always understood that there's a 7 MPH margin of error, from inaccuracies in both the radar units and cars' speedometers; not sure where I picked that up from though...don't think it was in the driver's handbook.

Anyway my SOP is to chance about 5 MPH over the posted limit; it's worked for me for 25 years, and I'm certainly going a heckuva lot slower than the army of maniacs out on the road. But then I don't do much in the way of traveling so perhaps there are states where the limits are enforced for real.

Comment Re:Almost nobody likes exercise for exercise sake (Score 1) 297

My problem is I find exercise boring. I never get the rush after exercise.

I have a SurfShelf attached to my Schwinn eliptical trainer, an HDMI monitor in front of it plugged into my laptop, a G700 mouse with the buttons mapped to various important functions, and a presentation clicker with Page Up and Page Down buttons strapped to one of the elliptical's handlebars, so I can navigate through web pages while I work out. Pretty much covers everything; I also installed a program called Click-N-Type which is a big improvement on the usual Windows onscreen keyboard, so I can even do a bit of typing away from the laptop. I find exercise of any kind brutally tedious. Don't really have an excuse for still being a bit overweight of course...but there are ways to make solo workouts less dull.

Comment Re: Run fast, for 2 fucking hours and over 26 mile (Score 1) 254

Bill died from cancer of the pancreas that spread to his liver, pancreatic cancer is strongly associated with smoking, true, but 80% of victims are above the age of 60, note: What Causes Pancreatic Cancer? Perhaps he just drew a bad set of cards, a bit of irony which would be very apropos.

His routine contrasting the fates of Fixx and Yul Brynner is, hands down, the funniest bit of stand up comedy I've ever heard.

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