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Comment there are worse things than porn (Score 1) 198

I feel the best option is to lock your account and not give the password out for any reason to anyone including the wife. You could also install multiple browsers and prevent an autocomplete disaster. Why people share user accounts with family is impossible for me to understand. You shouldn't even share the same physical computer with anyone else. Sometimes, there are worse things than porn to discover on someones computer.

Comment Re:I didn't buy one for the payback (Score 1) 762

And you're being a fool. Are you saying that one is supposed to manage without a car? next time your family member is dying or in an emergency, walk, ride the bus, carpool and let us know how it turns out. Carpool will not be an option though since you'll be a social outcast and considered a leech by everyone else.

Comment The Article is not clear (Score 1) 410

I somehow get the feeling we are missing something here." agreement that could allow Verizon to speed some online content to Internet users more quickly if the content's creators are willing to pay for the privilege. " Suppose I have a 768kbps connection. Maybe what google is trying to do is allow things like youtube to stream at 3Mbps, *at no extra cost to customers* but youtube will absorb the costs. I think this could very well be the case.

Comment I don't understand this.. (Score 2, Interesting) 166

I don't know the Australian rationale but I wonder when Americans discuss the need for patents and copyrights. Why do content creators want to abolish patents? America is rich today because of patents and copyrights. If every second guy could rip off a great idea, we'd have nothing left to offer. We cannot compete on prices. The innovation and creativity of Americans is what has made US powerful. Why would you want to create a law that will affect your livelihood in the future? The rest of the world is just waiting for something like this to happen. I don't get it.


Submission + - RIM says Blackberry talks continue in India (

crimeandpunishment writes: Research in Motion says it has not agreed to give the Indian government greater access to encrypted information sent by Blackberry's corporate clients. India wants heightened surveillance, but RIM says "We won't compromise on the security architecture of our corporate e-mails". Last week India's internal security chief said "BlackBerry has assured the Ministry of Home Affairs that the issue of monitoring of the BlackBerry will be sorted out soon". The talks with India, and the United Arab Emirates impending ban on some Blackberry services, aren't the only international issues RIM is dealing with. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and other nations are talking about similar blockages. Some industry experts believe RIM offered China some concessions before the Blackberry was introduced there. But RIM issued a statement Tuesday denying it has given some governments access to Blackberry data.

Comment Re:Always 25 years (Score 1) 152

Apart from the fact that it was extremely pathetic to be watching an astronaut in a pub, I would like to say that the future is happening very slowly, much slower than I thought it would. I thought we would at least have robotic servants and flying cars by now, and not running stuff that pollutes the environment and is exhaustible.. Watching video live isn't rocket science. It was available in the 60s along with the moon landing right.

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