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Comment Donkey Doo!!! (Score 1) 913

The fact that all the feedback they received during development pointed to the OS being a steaming pile of donkey doo doesn't mean a thing apparently. "Let's just dress up this donkey doo and tell people it's great! It'll work. They do the same thing with music all the time! Get some crappy band who plays crappy to mediocre music, dress 'em up, make a couple good music videos, pay for some good radio play, and promote them on iTunes/Rhapsody/etc, and people will think they're great! We'll sell more than enough to make up for the money doled out to promote them!" "Wait... what? It didn't work? What the F***?!?!?"

Comment They'll get out of paying... (Score 1) 259

Do the government officials in California truly believe that the larger retailers (Amazon) won't find a way to circumvent this legislation, just as they avoid paying federal taxes? Microsoft pays a very small fraction of the state taxes they technically should owe the state of Washington, for example, as Apple does in California. Granted, they aren't retailers in the same sense as Amazon et al, but they do have a good percentage of online retail income.

Comment 300ms? Their problem most likely. (Score 1) 396

As a frame of reference, I'm also with Century "NO" Link with 10mbps DSL, and pretty rural. Indeed, if I had ANY other viable choice, I would leave CL in a heartbeat, as their service is terrible. However, my latency is typically around the 30-40ms range when I am connected, so if you're getting ~300ms, then there is an issue somewhere. Given my history with them, most likely the problem is on their end. My neighbor is with them also, and also has the 10mbps package, and we will both simply lose connection at random times throughout the day, almost every day. I've had their techs out many times over the years, and the problem still exists. In fact, just this last Friday it was down for more than 4 hours. Sometimes it's 4 seconds, sometimes 4 minutes... unfortunately, sometimes it's 4 hours too. I call every time there is a disconnect, yet they can't seem to find an answer. They're just awesome... or not. Switch providers if you can!!!

Comment Re:TV ain't broken? (Score 1) 839

It isn't just about what's on TV, but also the channel packages that are forced upon the us in order to get the channels that we might actually WANT to watch. Rather than letting us pick only the channels we want, we are forced to get a package that includes 500 channels... 490 of which we'll never watch, 5 more of which will be watched once every other month, 3 that will be watched once a week, and 2 that might get more regular viewing. If we could customize our content, that would go a long way toward fixing what's wrong with TV.

How Is Technology Changing the Brain? 108

An anonymous reader writes "An article at explores how the use of technology might be changing the brain — including interviews with Nicholas Carr and Susan Greenfield. 'The research suggests the brain acts almost like a muscle - bulking up in regions required to perform oft-repeated mental tasks but diminishing in regions used for less common types of thinking. Or to put it another way, for example: do a lot of mental arithmetic, and your brain will get better at doing mental arithmetic. ... [Carr] goes on to suggest there is now a body of evidence that indicates the human brain adapts to suit how we use it. The question that follows is whether our technologies are making the best use of our grey matter.' The article makes an interesting point about how skill-loss is only part of the picture: 'When we look at technology we can't just look at loss, we also have to look at gain, and we also have to look at skillsets in the context of the modern world — our grandparents' skillset is not the skillset that will serve us the best.'"

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