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Comment Re:meh (Score 1) 468

I txt about as much as a teenager, but thats because all my dumbshit friends don't pick up their phone. I txt them I get a response within about 1 to 5 mins. I call they just ignore it....EVEN after I just got a response from the txt. yea, theres times when you just can't talk on the phone but it's just getting rediculous.

Comment props to sony (Score 1) 322

It was just a matter of time till it got hacked. Props to sony for making it this long. I don't mod my systems untill I have the next gen one in my hands and working since then it extends the life or use of the old console. By that time then the hackinng is more perfected and I have a much better chance of bricking my machine...but meh each to their own.

Comment Re:I hope his lawsuit succeeds... (Score 0, Redundant) 267

then can I can sue wendy for those damn addicting frosties?...damn them then after that I will make a movie become famous so when I get busted for drugs and hookers I can just say oh the fame made me do it then go to rehab while still making a shit ton of money. Since thats how all the clebraties are doing it now a days. After I start to loose fame then I will work my way to suing McDonalds for their damn addicting fries. then repeate the cycle. Sounds good, when do we start?

Comment meh (Score 1) 150

My original controllers work fine. If I want to play a fighter game I will play it on my ps3.....even tho I think the best d-pad was my SNES controller. Surprized they aren't black to match the new xbox revision :? Maybe we can just gut the new controllers parts and put them in an old controller? I'm sure MS thought of that and found a way to stop that.

Comment dos (Score 2, Insightful) 462

They need to know dos commands. I knew this student that was in a cisco glass and asked him to use ipconfig to find the ip address of the machine. The first thing he did was go to google and type in ipconfig because he didn't know what it was. He said he didn't know what that was and they havn't taught him that since hes only in the first year of his cisco class....WTF!!!

Comment Re:You Fail (Score 1) 483

I believe spad said it best "At which point does an entity get to decide that it owns a random word that forms *part* of its name? Just because they're the biggest? It would seem that they're not the first, so that argument doesn't stand up. Why -book and not face-, or will the face- lawsuits be coming shortly?" Oh well lets just go ahead and throw this in the court system and let someone make a coin over it, I'm sure someone in there is needing a few extra dollars they are going to make from this.

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