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Comment Re:Stamping out Zika (Score 3, Insightful) 148

They just released 20 million modified mosquitos in an attempt to wipe out Aegypti and eliminate Zika in Long Beach Ca.

Not wipe out, wipe out this year. We're talking about a non-native species that can fly and which is easily transported upon humans or in their possessions. It'll be back. I don't think what Google did was harmful, I just don't think it will turn out to have been worth the effort. You'll have Zika mosquitoes back in a hot minute.

Comment Re:Wages are lower in Seattle and housing is cheap (Score 1) 156

SV has the best weather on the planet give or take

What? Who told you that? There's dozens of towns in California alone with better weather. Most of them are on the coast; Santa Cruz, Monterey, Carmel, and San Diego all spring immediately to mind. The weather in the valley ain't even on the top ten list. It's way too goddamned hot there.

Comment Re:Reference? (Score 2) 156

I like my guns and enjoy very lax regulations here,

Country mouse and city mouse have different problems, which are solved with different solutions. As well, in some cases what people do in their yard has significant effects on what happens in other people's yards. You may not have to sort your trash, but it's still illegal for you to burn plastic. You don't get a tailpipe test because you don't have enough tailpipes to matter much, but you still have to deal with basic federal emissions regulations (it's still illegal for you to remove original emissions equipment, for example, and there are various mechanisms by which you might get caught and fined) because if a large enough percentage of your population cheated badly enough at emissions, it would make a difference.

I find it a very good thing that different states can mostly self regulate and have the laws their citizens enjoy, rather than a one size fits all federal mandate on fucking everything.

But there is a federal mandate on fucking everything. For the most part, states simply place additional restrictions, because they don't feel that the federal guidelines go far enough. Every state has its own version of this, designed to suppress or oppress a different group.

Comment Re:Inevitable (Score 1) 164

Modern cruise missiles have a radio link, often via satcom, that is up almost the entire flight. Many can be re-targeted until they self-destruct.

With handfuls of devices communicating via a very difficult-to-access network, you can have some reasonable security. But what happens when you have many devices operating within "reach" of attackers?

Comment Re:Inevitable (Score 4, Interesting) 164

There already are sentry guns, so we already have killer robots. But note that they are stationary. That limits their potential to do harm. Making mobile killbots is a whole other thing.

It's highly true that we cannot make a network completely secure and also use it at this time. It's just too complicated. Killbots have to be stupid. If they are autonomous, the only way to "make sure" nobody else is hacking them and using them against you is to have them sever their radio connection after accepting an order, and to not accept any further communications. And lo, the oldest form of killbot is the cruise missile.

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