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Submission + - How Sony Can Save the PS3

Janice Ferragamo writes: "Gameworld Network has an interesting piece on exactly what Sony must now do to save the PS3. Adam Urbano writes,

"While Blu-Ray might not be able to beat HD-DVD without the Playstation 3, the Playstation 3 has no chance of surviving while the dead weight that is the costly Blu-Ray drive brings it down. Sony is going to have to make a decision on which product is more vital, because if things stay as they are, both products could lose.

Even the most jaded Sony fan has to recognize that the current state of the PS3 is less than ideal. Sony and the PS3 couldn't have had a worse year in 2006, whether it was exploding batteries in laptops, missed deadlines, very poor public relations, a format war, poor initial Blu-Ray comparisons versus HD-DVD, missing sales targets, an uphill battle against the 360, no scaling hardware, broken backwards compatibility, the unexpected demand for the Nintendo Wii, production issues, losing exclusive titles, delayed titles or slipping demand.

The PS3 is expensive, very expensive. Despite former Playstation head honcho Ken Kutaragi's statements that the PS3 is "too cheap", it appears that consumers do indeed care about the cost. Many felt the 360 was extremely high-priced at $300-$400, but the jump to $500-$600 for the PS3 brought back images of the 3DO.

This is the point where "fan boys" like to introduce the "feature-for-feature" cost analysis. The argument is that in order to create a system comparable to a PS3, specifically by including the HD-DVD drive and the 360 wireless adapter, an Xbox 360 actually costs $100 more than its PS3 counterpart. While this argument may be technically accurate, the simple fact of the matter is that this is generally not how the public sees the issue."

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