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Comment Re:Feeling old... (Score 2) 192

Fully realizing that someone will trump this with something akin to a 300baud modem ...


You're not old unless you had to go to the store to buy 100 3.5" floppies so that you could download the 76 1.44MB individual disk images over your 14.4k modem connection, rawrite them one at a time, and then spend the afternoon swapping disks as you waited apprehensively for the # prompt of your new slackware installation. Only to have to start again after disk x26 because disk x26 had a bad sector and failed a CRC check, and gosh darn it but you only had one computer so you need to boot back into windows to create a new disk x26. And start the disk swapping again.

Yeah... those were the days.

Comment Re:Wait to see what you need based on use. (Score 5, Interesting) 770

Unfortunately a lot of the time insurance claims don't work this way. I had a lightning strike recently that took out 90% of my electronics.

My policy was "new for old", but until I bought the "new", I received only the depreciated value of the "old".

If it were only this, I would still advocate your strategy, however there was also a 6 month time limit to purchase the "new", send receipts in, and get reimbursed for the depreciation.

Long story short - you may lose out on a lot of money if you don't replace that stuff now.

Comment Re:Foul mouthed AI? (Score 1) 310

If you think "bite my shiny ass" is the worst Watson could have gotten up to, and you aren't weak of stomach ... I suggest* that you should visit and start with a few choice** selections such as:

1. The Alabama Hotpocket
2. The Chili Dog
3. Space Docking
4. The Alaskan Snowdragon

A few hours wiki walk later, and you will almost certainly be asking for the same treatment Watson got.

* violently oppose
** Gut-wrenching, vomit-inducing, etc

Comment Re:a new connection format (Score 2) 72

You're proposing to plug the mouse and keyboard into the TV .... instead of the stick? It sounds like you want to have the TV act as a KVM switch, which seems a bit odd unless you plan on having multiple sticks installed... I'm guessing you're in the very far minority that would want that.

Aside from that, TVs really do need a new connector. HDMI already supports full HD, 7.1 audio, ethernet, and CEC. There's enough there to let the stick control the TV, and get network service from the TV.

The power want is pretty reasonable in the general case, and I've wondered about it in the past... but do take a closer look at this stick in particular. It wants power from a 5V micro-usb. If your TV has a USB port for firmware updates, it can probably already power the thing. For TV's manufactured in the last 5 years, the odds are pretty likely.


Comment This is what it takes to get in the news? (Score 4, Insightful) 81

Step 1. Buy a Chromebook
Step 2. Use ChromeOS for half a day.
Step 3. Follows instructions you got from SOMEONE ELSE (a Google-employed developer, at that) on how to load openSUSE onto a Chromebook.
Step 4. Enjoy being on slashdot front page getting credit for what someone else told you how to do.


Comment Re:Maybe blame the haters? (Score 4, Insightful) 1135

You seriously think that a random act of terror will make the security measures show for the security theater they are? Please. Any self-respecting politician will merely point out the security measures are just *inadequate*, and now you will have to strip prior to getting to the air line check in gate, and wait in the security line naked... or some other atrocious invasion of privacy that seems too laughable to mention now but in a short time will be "the next logical step".

I no longer fly, and it's not for fear of terrorism. The cost of flying has gotten too high, even if the financial burden has never been lower.

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