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Comment Re:Idiot users (Score 1) 65

I worked with the people who wrote the feature. I also have seen it in action as a user- when I went to Spain a large number of local places like the Segrada Familia went into the dictionary. I can assure you that was absolutely what it was added for (and it only used approximate location, no need to know the location to more than city). Whether its been increased in scope in the last few years I couldn't tell you, I left the company in May 2012.

Comment Re:Idiot users (Score 4, Informative) 65

Having worked at Swype, I can tell you why most of those are there.

Record audio- see the voice recognition button? Required for it to work. Lots of people like voice recognition

Get my approximate and precise location- download dictionaries of local places that wouldn't be in the normal dictionary.

Read my text messages- train autocorrect algorithms

Full network access- upload dictionaries to the server/download your dictionaries to a new device. Also their whole theme download store.

Pair with Bluetooth devices- bluetooth headsets

Read my contacts- we scan your contacts to add the names to the dictionary, so it will allow you to type your friend's names.

Read terms I've added to the dictionary- Swype has its own dictionary, but if you added any to the device's we want to add those to ours

Read phone status and identity- literally this was to turn off typing noises when on speakerphone

Modify or delete the contents of my USB storage- to allow you to store the dictionary on a connected device, if you wanted

If you want a smooth app that integrates with the OS well, you're going to need a lot of permissions. There's just no way around it.

Comment Re:Captain Obvious strikes again! (Score 1) 105

It has multiple pictures of you. Notice the feature whenever you upload photos and it asks you to tag others- and generally knows who's in the photo? Yes, it knows what you look like.

The mobile apps track your location. You can turn it off at the OS level, but if you don't do that it absolutely knows you location.

It knows your friends, or at least the vast majority of them. If you're about to say that your friends list isn't really your friends- it has correlation scores for how close any two people are. They aren't 100%, but they're damn close.

Your interests- they know everything you like, everything you post or DM about. Through those little like buttons on almost every webpage, they know a good 95% of your web traffic. They know all to almost all your interests.

If you're in a relationship or not- well there's a place to list it that lots of people use. And a high enough friendship coefficient between people of the correct orientation is a pretty good guess if you don't.

What other pages you look at on the web- yes they do. That's the purpose of the like button.

Some small percentage of people may take extraordinary efforts to avoid this- but that's what it takes. They have this info on pretty much everyone.

Comment Re:Again...where's the gun...? (Score 1) 436

Not so much that, but more that NOT EVERY JOB out there is meant to be made a career of, nor sole source of income to support yourself/family.

No, absolutely wrong. If it isn't worth paying a living wage to be done, then we as a society don't need the work done, and the business owner can do it his fucking self. If they don't like that, pay a living wage.

Comment Re:Only reason I ever worried about writing creati (Score 1) 160

Define "the simplest and most straight forward way to do it". That isn't the same for everyone. Some people like functional programming and streams of lambdas. Some of us find that style utterly unmaintainable. Even in your statement: "in order to improve code density"- code density doesn't mean its better and past a certain amount its actually undesirable. Dense code is harder to read, and more difficult to maintain without subtle breaks.

Comment Re:In other news (Score 1) 139

The same bullshit logic can apply to personal taxes. I don't pay taxes, they cause me to adjust my salary requirements upwards as I pass them on to my employer. So personal taxes are taxes on corporations.

Now we can get back to reality, where prices are not infinitely flexible and passing onto consumers is not an actual thing. By artifically attempting to pass on the prices they slide down on the supply curve to and sell fewer items. Who bares the brunt of that difference? The company. Or they don't change their price and sell the same amount. Again the company bears that (and indirectly stockholders and employees).

So yes, corporate taxes are a real thing, and aren't indirect taxes on consumers. Learn some fucking economics instead of right wing talking points.

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