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Comment Re: Is Amazon profitable yet? (Score 1) 311

I just got my yellow fever vaccination for a trip to South America a month ago. Vaccines are a necessity that save thousands of lives, and parents who do not get their children vaccinated should have them taken away.

Vitamins are a scam. The whole vitamin thing started because Linus Pauling basically went a little insane in his last few years and started pushing massive dosages of Vitamin C as a cure for cancer (and everything else). While there are a few exceptions (for example iron for anemics) vitamins aren't needed and confer no benefits for anyone without a severe medical condition, and some of them are actively harmful (there's a reason why the recommended daily allowance is where it is and not at 10x what it is).

Comment Re:Sounds like the right decision (Score 1) 114

And how do you define grooming and solicitation? Is just a message to one on a social media site enough? A series? Laws like this are how you define what's punishable and what isn't. If you left it at only the laws from the 80s (or whenever last defined it), you could end up with a situation where by the letter of the law only a telephone call counts, but websites and text messages don't (because they didn't exist at the time and the letter of the law isn't wide enough to include them). Its not just "well this seems like grooming to me", that isn't an enforceable statute.

Comment Sounds like the right decision (Score 0) 114

Something narrower- say making it illegal for them to send direct or group messages to a minor, or to make friend requests/add them to groups would seem to be a reasonable law. Barring them altogether prevents them from interactions with adults. And then we get into the whole question of what counts as social media (would a website with a forum be social media? The comments page on a newspaper article? Again this could be very broad).

Comment Re:Bad reason (Score 1) 201

How does a library help to define whether something should be a property of a tag or data held within it (not discussing embedded tags, but embedded strings/numbers/values). XML has 2 disjoint ways to embed data, with no real reason to have two or to use one over the other. Json doesn't. That's the property/data issue, and its a major usability issue with XML.

ANd no, XML is nowhere near as tight. Comparing properly printed and spaced xml and json, json is always more readable. XML is overly verbose and harder to see the structure. Particularly its harder to find arrays.

Comment Re:Bad reason (Score 2) 201

Its less verbose, more easily human readable, and doesn't have the "is this a property of the tag, or data inside the tag" problem. Its a better solution all around. I wouldn't create anything new in xml, but I wouldn't race to remove it in existing apps/protocols unless I'm doing a total v2.

Comment Re:Dream up another hit (Score 1) 123

If they make another hit, I'd bet on AR/VR. Its close enough to be reasonable (unlike self driving cars which are at least a decade out of commercial), and the nerd stigma is the perfect thing for them to overcome- smartphones existed before the iphone (windows mobile, symbian), but were considered a nerd toy ay best.

Comment Re: EV charging (Score 1) 318

Why would I charge at home at night? If I share at work, my job may pay for it. And really, I'm just going to charge whenever I'm near a plug, because I don't want to run out (can't just go to a gas station). The idea that people will charge when convenient for the network vs when convenient for them is a bit silly

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