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Comment Hoping for the best... (Score 1) 227

... but expecting the worst. Since this is on a non-premium channel, the abundant sex and nudity will have to be watered down, and since that's one of the central themes (the other being religion), I fear a bland, pale shadow of a sci-fi masterpiece. This concern is made greater by the fact that they're planning a "series," rather than a movie or miniseries. Stranger is a big book, and I could see source material for 6-8 episodes, but moving beyond that will be difficult without going on tangents or "extending the story."

Casting will be key, especially for Jubal Harshaw. The man is basically mentoring a god; if that character isn't larger-than-life enough, I fear the whole thing will fall flat.

I hope that I'm wrong, that the writers and producers truly grok what they're dealing with, and the whole thing is brilliant. But right now, I've got a bad feeling about this.

Comment Re:I'm going to make my vote count (Score 1) 857

I'm fortunate to live in Nevada where we have a way to clearly register our dissatisfaction without it possibly being reinterpreted as a vote for any particular mandate or third party: on each ballot, we have to option to vote for "None of these". That vote isn't tied to any particular candidate, it can't be misconstrued as someone who overlooked a ballot or couldn't decide. It sends the clear message that "I looked at this ballot, didn't like any of the choices presented, and chose NOT to hold my nose an pick the least evil option."

If "None of these" has the most votes, the "win" goes to whichever candidate came in second, just to keep the wheels of government lumbering along. But that person can claim no mandate, knowing they came in second to "Please, God, anybody else." This has happened five times in primaries, but never in a general election. But it has been a possible spoiler in some general elections, most notably in 1998 when Senator Harry Reid won by 428 votes over John Ensign, with 8,000+ going to "None of these."

Comment Re: Natural Born Citizens (Score 2) 375

It's worth noting that when questions regarding McCain's eligibility came up in 2008, the Senate passed a resolution recognizing that he is a"natural born citizen."

Two of the sponsors of that resolution: Senator Barack Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton.

It was a different time not so long ago...

Comment Re:from the five-days-too-late dept (Score 1) 42

Check the app store for your smart phone of choice - the same one that's going to receive the SMS message. There are at least a dozen SecurID-style token apps that are easy to set up and use, work with multiple sites, and free. Google Authenticator is my token of choice. It meets your criteria: universally compatible (or nearly so - I haven't found a place were I can't use it yet, but YMMV), and in my experience, handles user failures gracefully.

Comment Re:32% would vote clinton (Score 1) 993

Nevada has an option to vote "None of these." In many ways, it's a so-called wasted vote, as it doesn't do anything except register displeasure - if "None of these" actually wins an election, the person who comes in second would take office. However, it is a very clear notice that can't be taken as anything other than "I took the time to come down here and let you know that none of y'all is acceptable in my eyes." Voting for a third party candidate as a protest vote can be seen as a vote for that candidate rather than against the main candidates.

And someone who takes office coming in second to "None of these" carries that stigma of knowing they were literally seen as the lesser of two evils. They can't claim a mandate. They can't claim that the majority supports their ideals or goals. And if they want to keep the job, they know they have to do better.

I really like living in Nevada....

Comment No, that's not insecure at all... (Score 5, Insightful) 375

"You'll be able to ask it to make a note, play music, set a reminder, and lots more without ever logging in. "

All I can think when reading that is "attack vector." No matter how much they claim it's limited, sand-boxed, walled off and segregated from the rest of the system, someone will figure out a way to gain system access through it. Microsoft may as well advertise Windows 10, Now With Built In Password Bypass!

Comment Poor system design (Score 5, Interesting) 58

Every time I read about these, it strikes me that it all goes down to poor system design. The computers and functions dealing with the operation of the car need to be isolated from the entertainment systems, including WiFi, at least so far as inputs are concerned. Apps that allow the user to unlock the doors or start the engine, WiFi and OnStar systems that allow on-the-air updates of control software, these are all inherently insecure and always will be! They tie into systems that need to be air-gapped and only accessible via physical access to the car.

Security is almost always a trade off with utility or convenience. But auto makers have gone way too far, to the point of threatening public safety. These car computer systems need to be redesigned from the ground up with proper security practices and risk assessments in place.

Comment Tee Shirt (Score 1) 363

I want a tee shirt that says "Star Wars", written in the Babylon 5 font, at the top of the graphic, and "To boldly go...", written in the Blade Runner font, at the bottom. The main graphic should be Serenity, with Tricia Helfer as 6 standing behind it. I will wear it to Comic Con. Gonna troll somebody, troll 'em all.

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