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Submission + - iPhone 4.1 Jailbreak Out (

Nysul writes: There seems to be some conflict among iPhone crack teams, as Geohot just released the iPhone crack tool limera1n (windows only) a day before greenpois0n was supposed to be released by the Chronic Dev Team. The issue is that both cracks use bootrom exploits, so if they are both released at the same time, Apple could patch both holes for the next iOS release. It seems limera1n was released early to pressure the Chronic Dev Team to hold their exploit, as Geohot's exploit is available for more devices. Please note that limera1n does have some bugs..

Comment Re:Rotate (Score 1) 1140

Windows tablet PCs get shit on all the time here but they solve this problem by converting to portrait mode. I have a convertible notebook, so when I want to read a document on the go I convert it into a tablet and read them in portrait orientation. When I need to do actual work, I have a real keyboard ready for me. If it didn't need a stupid pen and had Apple's UI I'd be in heaven.

Comment Re:I still use XP (Score 1) 931

"For what it's worth, I haven't found Win 7 to be any better than XP in terms of stability." Using windows 7, ctrl+alt+delete is always instantaneous, can always get you out of a problem program, and most of the time task manager can kill it. I've never had a program bring down the system. This is far better than the way XP handles it.

Comment Re:Another 8/10? (Score 1) 399

Most games we hear about are an 8 (or, mostly good). If a game released today isn't mostly good it can bankrupt your game studio, unless you are indie or have a cult following. A 10 I would give out to a genre-defining game like Baldur's Gate 2 or a GOTY. 9s should mean "overall an excellent game". A 7 should be playable and enjoyable. We don't hear about the 6s and 5s because they don't get released or end up as a fiasco (see Stardock's Elemental: War of Magic).

Comment Re:Tips... (Score 1) 519

Oh please. If you don't make the tips you make at least minimum wage. I've asked all my server friends at chain restaurant if they would rather be tipped or make $12 an hour and I'm sure you can guess what every single one of them said. There are far more difficult jobs that make far less money for you to be complaining. 15% for average service, tip more for exceptional, little to none for poor service. If this displeases you get a job as a cashier, which pays far less and suffers much more abuse.

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