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Submission + - Australia drops second Google investigation (

joshgnosis writes: The Australian Privacy Commissioner has decided against investigating Google a second time over the collection of Wi-Fi payload data in Google's Street View cars.

Despite a damning FCC report released last month claiming that senior manager within Google were aware that a "rogue" engineer was working on the project on the side, he said a second investigation wouldn't yield any new results.

"I have decided not to open another investigation into Google Street View," he said in a statement. "In reaching this decision, I have considered the FCC's report and don't consider that a new investigation would reveal any information that would change our original finding."


Submission + - LTE integrated quad-core CPUs on the horizon (

An anonymous reader writes: Around the world, astute watchers of the smartphone market have noticed that despite “quad-core” CPUs rapidly becoming the norm, there is a noticeable absence of quad-core 4G phones. At the moment there are no handsets on the market that combine the highest CPU speeds with the highest network speeds. “Flagship” quad core phones like the HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy S3 all have dual core versions for their 4G options. As this article explains, battery life issues are partly to blame. One of the big issues comes from the fact that there are no quad-core processors with integrated LTE chips — something that would vastly improve battery life. Both Qualcomm and Nvidia make LTE radios and quad-core processors, but the two haven’t been paired on the die as of yet, although this is being worked on.

Comment Re:mac (Score 1) 732

"the comment about two partitions doesn't make any sense at all."

Because you're an idiot. Bootcamp will require the creation of a second partition (and it'll do it for you) so you can install a second OS on the machine. C'mon man, I'm not even a Mac guy and I know this.

Comment Re:mac (Score 3, Interesting) 732

Her price range ($1,500 - $2,000) and level of technical aptitude (or lack thereof) makes her a perfect Apple candidate. This is my recommendation too.

If she ever just -has- to run Windows, make sure to get the 256GB SSD in it, so you've got room for two healthy sized partitions.

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