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Comment Re:Whodathunkit? (Score 1) 207

has a hard time finding people before we even discuss salary. Once we find someone qualified

Obviously your company's HR department messed up and hired underqualified telepaths. How do you expect people to psychically know that you have openings available and are willing to pay competitive rates if you aren't discussing that?

I have seen zero evidence that there is a vast pool of qualified techs sitting on the sidelines

With "the national jobless rate near a 16-year low" nobody's "sitting on the sidelines" except for the "16-year low" number of people on the dole. Your "qualified techs" are busy working for other people because your psychics are giving themselves hemorrhoids from all the strain as they try to make them magically want to work for you without you having to compete against their existing employers.

We pay fresh grads with a BS in CS an average of $90k to start

Well, there are plenty of grads every year all around the country. Either you have some qualification you're not listing here to explain why you can't find any "qualified" people, or you have something else wrong that is causing all these fresh grads to work for someone else.

Comment Re:Soon we don't need humans. (Score 1) 237

therefore can't extract profit

Can't extract profit from THEIR OWN (nonexistent) employees, you mean. Please do try to read what I say before insulting me. RoboFord will get plenty of profit selling cheap trucks to RAM employees.

What's that about "when they've driven every other company out of business or to robots?" Sorry! Can't hear you over the sound of my quarterly earnings report going KA-CHING!

Comment Re:Won't be more jobs (Score 1) 237

why capital will not chase new opportunities

Of course capital will chase new opportunities, but it will do so while considering the opportunity cost of chasing human labor (for instance: less efficient warehouses and processes) versus chasing mechanized labor.

what's the theory that total work is a constant?

Total work isn't a constant, but in total work = mechanized work + human work, when "mechanized work" is more productive and efficient, guess which term will drive the increase in "total work"?

Comment Re:Soon we don't need humans. (Score 4, Insightful) 237

There would be no incentive for complete robotic production


The first company to go 100% robotic and have 0 labor costs will make a fortune selling to the employees of the remaining companies at prices their employers could never hope to meet, leaving them either going bankrupt or ditching the humans.

Comment Re:I'd say this kills wireless replacing broadband (Score 1) 188

government has via franchise laws

Not since the federal government outlawed exclusive franchises in 1992.

Now the government prevents competition by not allowing companies to steal fiber and enslave labor and tresspass on peoples's property. If you try and do it legitimately, well, Just laying fiber in Kansas City cost Google over $1 Billion to reach 80% of the city, not counting the final connections to the houses.

Not even Google has that much money lying around in their couch, which is why they've stopped rolling out fiber (the court cases haven't made it any cheaper though).

Comment Re: I took the bus once (Score 1) 588

Someone who starts work at 7AM has plenty of time after work

Because she teleports back home instead of taking a bus and two trains? If it's a 3 hour trip there, (leaves 3:45 and starts at 7), and she works 7-3, a 3 hour trip back gets her home at 6PM. Now, if she wants a solid 8 hours of sleep, she immediately goes to bed to wake up at 2AM to do it all over again.

Comment Re:Mo ... (Score 1) 688

Exercise makes you look good. Not eating 2000 calories for lunch makes you look skinny.

The biggest thing the calories in vs calories out people miss is that running a marathon burns about 2000 calories. You had a big hearty breakfast, a burger shake fries and coke for lunch, a bag of potato chips for a snack, and a big dinner with a large slice of cake and two scoops of icecream for dessert, and more coke throughout the day? Hope you run two marathons a day.

Comment Re:Cool that someone still stands for freedom (Score 1) 549

Yeah, I've heard the phrase "no bad tactics, only bad targets" bandied around as "tactics" become ever more extreme.

Not once do I ever hear someone say "what if someone else gets to pick the targets?"

But I did laugh long and hard at Trump whining about warrantless wiretapping of his staff members' phone calls to Russia. Not a bad target at all.

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