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Comment Re:But... FREE ENTERPRISE (Score 1) 134


Honestly? It's the part that will arrest me if I just go steal spools of fiber off of trucks, or if I enslave people to dig trenches for free.

Google Fiber was expected to spend $10 billion on installing fiber in the neighborhoods they were welcomed into with wide open arms and special government treatment (Kansas City cost over $1 billion alone). How many other companies have billions of dollars just lying around? Not only that, but we saw the local ISPs immediately cut costs and boost bandwidth in those regions to remain competitive. How many investors are going to hand you a billion dollars to compete in one city where the incumbent will immediately undercut you by leveraging their revenue from across the country to take a loss where you're trying to compete?

Comment Re:A German company named ThyssenKrupp (Score 1) 213

Yeah, I immediately thought this must either have been written by a serious ignoramus, or someone with a beef with Germany in general. Using the Japanese "bullet train" (which isn't maglev) or the mostly vaporware Hyperloop as examples of maglev, instead of the German Transrapid, which is in fact still the only production maglev train in the world is pretty pathetic.

Comment Re: I know the company (Score 1) 95

There was no "Discovered" about it, they claimed that he sold his shares because he must have known that the government would retaliate against his refusal to perform illegal wiretaps (yes, if you pass a law making it legal after the fact, then you are admitting that they were illegal at the time) by canceling their contracts.

Comment Re:we'll pay for prison (Score 1) 333

Then why is it that most college graduates in this country are in debt up to their earballs in student loans?

The sub-assistant to the assistant vice night dean of the electron subdepartment of the atom department of the molecular department of the physics department needs to hire a third receptionist. God forbid he be asked to share staff with the vice vice morning shift subdean of subtraction.

Comment Re: crimes against humanity... (Score 1) 422

For someone who wants the government out of everything, you certainly seem to run screaming and crying to the government a lot.

A customer of theirs - lawsuit

For what? Can you find in your contract where Comcast promises to answer your DNS queries correctly?

A customer of a paying peer - lawsuit from the peer

On what grounds would that peer have to sue Comcast? All traffic being sent to the peer would be unmodified traffic direct from Comcast's customer to whatever IP the customer is transmitting to.

A custom of a settlement free peer - possible lawsuit from peer, risk of ending settlement free peering.

Again, for what? All traffic is being sent unmodified from Comcast's customer to whatever IP that customer is transmitting to.

The DNS redirection on its own would be grounds for a lawsuit

You've got me there. Pizza Hut would probably have grounds to sue for trademark infringement, the question remains whether they can out-lawyer Comcast.

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