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Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 178

On lots of the implementations I have seen either the menu loops indefinitely or it just disconnects you. To be honest though this is something I only have noticed in countries in the Mediterranean. So maybe it is somehow related to economic insolvency?

Comment Re:What happened to freedom of speech (Score 2) 484

No, the violence started because some clueless religious fanatics:
1. can't comprehend the idea of free speech
2. would outrage even if they did understand

It's a moebious strip really. The film exists because people exist that would organize mass violence about anything that puts their faith in bad light, which sort of is the film.

I have to side with the fanatics on this one though; there isn't one redeemable thing to the film. Viewing it, even in order to teach people what not to do, could easily be classified as psychological torture.

Comment Re:I read the title... (Score 1) 286

There is no reason why one would need an additional layer of abstraction to implement such a thing. That's why Firefox OS is even possible. You just get rid of all the java, replace it with a nice js compiler and of you go. So instead of having to write a java vm for each new architecture, device devs just implement the compiler onto it.

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