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Comment Re:Maybe (Score 2) 398

OPEC only has so much control, and they're not united in their controls. They don't control demand, which has fluctuated wildly lately. Saudi Arabia, for instance, has been quite reticent in their controls and have been flooding the market as long as it makes them money. The anti-US contingent in OPEC would love to pull back production but the countries that actually make a profit aren't biting.

Comment Re:Slack! (Score 1) 319

I agree with you on the SysV part but I think that, at least at first, package management should be avoided. I think it's important for people to understand what's going on behind the package management, i.e. configuring and make-ing everything, make targets, etc. I started with Slackware too, and learned a great deal of knowledge that I wouldn't have if I had started with RedHat / Gentoo / Ubuntoo.

And yes, I realize that you can build your own from source on any of those, but with Slackware you're somewhat more forced to.

Comment Re:Finally... (Score 1) 477

Actually, I don't reconcile monthly either and I don't get statements. But Quicken downloads my cleared transactions and my balance, and then reconciles the account for me, whenever I hit that download button, every week or so. It includes more than just checks (which I also don't write any more), it reconciles all my electronic transactions. Which I want to do, at least for now, because that's the only sure way I can tell if someone tries to hack my account.

Comment Finally... (Score 1) 477

Man I've been steaming about the new splash screen on Quicken. It used to be switchable, now with 2011 it's not. And it sits there for minutes, locked on top and not letting you do anything else. I use Quicken for one reason and one reason only, to be able to pay bills directly and electronically through my register, and to be able to download transactions and reconcile accounts. Other programs offer the former or the latter, but I haven't found any that does both. Once some other software (and I don't really care which platform) offers this, I'm ready to dump the Intuit anti-customer attitude once and for all.

Comment Blah Blah Blah (Score 4, Funny) 164

'Through this series I will explore the possibilities for our future in conversations with those who are shaping it. Are we heading towards utopia, or dystopia and how we can set our paths? This is an exciting opportunity to discuss the vision of my guests in a new style of show that examines their philosophies and struggles in a deeper and clearer way than has been done before.'

Woah, woah, woah. Way too many words. I was like "What?" and then I was like "Huh?" and then, uh, I got a little bored.

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