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Comment Re:Thank Jebus he can't see the US today (Score 1) 220

And I take Jefferson's quote from your post and modify it. If he were alive today he'd probably say, "It does me no injury for my neighbor to have insurance or no insurance. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg."

Incorrect. For my neighbor to have no insurance indeed picks my pocket. Do you think ERs are free?

Comment Re:What a stupid time to post this drivel (Score 1) 654

Groceries: $200/month

You eat three meals a day, for a month, on that $200? This figure alone causes me to suspect that you are unusually frugal, i.e. never eating out, always brown-bagging lunch, no pre-prepared food, lots of very simple, home-cooked fare, etc. Not an impossible lifestyle, but an usual one these days, in this country.

Comment Re:There needs to be a way to avoid the subsidy. (Score 2) 355

I bought a factory unlocked iPhone, at full price, and now can use whatever GSM prepaid "plan" I want (I use a six-year-old T-Mo To Go account), no contract, no BS. There's also no access to phone network data, but I find WiFi to be more than adequate for me. I now have a phone that costs me as much as I want to spend on phone minutes (and no more) that is also a handheld WiFi computer.

Comment Re:Why not use their own sites? (Score 1) 234

I'm severely pissed off at Obama for all the campaign promises he reneged on (Gitmo, the wars, campaign reform, regulatory reform...I could go on and on and on)

It's not really fair to be "severely pissed off" at Obama over those issues, none of which he can do much about with a congress that opposes and obstructs his efforts to do anything at all.

Comment Re:Affordable (Score 1) 685

Anyone else remember all the hype 15 years ago about how we'd all be running Java thin client machines by the year 2000? Pundits have been calling for the PC to die for the past 15 years, half the platform's life!

Yes, I do. I remember Larry Ellison (I think) trying to push diskless "Net PCs" back in the late 90's. No-one wanted them then, and I don't think they'll really do that much better (re: storing all of everyone's data) now.

Comment Re:So Let Me Get This Straight... (Score 2) 372

I just don't get it. Here we have the teabaggers trying to RUIN the credit rating of this country, which will cause rampant inflation, yet I still hear poor folks saying "It is Obama's fault".

Because the Fox News crowd has convinced poor conservatives that to vote democrat is to support the evil Socialist, Gay, Junkie, non-White, non-male, Atheist, etc. etc. etc. Lib'rals. And supporting the Lib'rals would be the end of the world for these folks...

Comment Re:Legalizing drugs wont stop the violence (Score 1) 343

Just because legalization isn't a panacea, i.e. a perfect solution, doesn't mean it shouldn't be done. E.g., I oppose Human Trafficking (a.k.a. Slavery), too, but would still support drug legalization, even if some cartels switch from drug smuggling to slave running. The latter would require different solutions, anyway.

Comment It's caught on with me. (Score 1) 1162

I love the picture quality of BR, and hate the look of Standard Def on my HDTV. To me, the difference between DVD and BR is obvious, and worth (some) extra cost. People that think BR is too expensive imho either haven't seen a good BR film on a decent HDTV or (more likely) don't care as they are content with whatever they have.

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