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Comment Re:Interesting story (Score 1) 553

I've been programming professionally for almost 20 years and I couldn't write a function on the fly to balance a binary tree, even if I was wide awake and refreshed; never mind after having been on a plane for 24 hours. It's not something I've ever, ever had to deal with except maybe in when the professor mentioned it in passing during algorithms class in college.

So I guess I'm incompetent.

Must be nice to be smart like you though.

Comment Re:Shocking! (Score 2) 1001

. But if you can't code a sorting algorithm without a reference, ... then you don't have the skills I need.

Except for a very small subset of the industry, the only skill you need to code a sorting algorithm is knowing how to type in the search box on google (or stackoverflow). Or know how to call whatever the sort() function is in whatever language you're using.

It's simply not knowledge that's relevant anymore.

Comment Re:For the US, not for a political party (Score 2) 895

I voted for Trump, because I can't stand the Clintons. I'm not for Trump, or for the Republican party. I'm for the US - I want good government.

You want good government, so you voted for someone who has no idea how to run a government and who has all the subtlety and diplomatic skills of an angry rhino in a china shop; and all because you have some childish dislike for the Clintons.

Perhaps you should rethink your strategy next time.

Comment Re:Wrong Priority (Score 1) 236

Sure. Now you just have to get everyone to agree on a version number scheme and get all the vendors to coordinate with Microsoft to make sure their version numbers are in sync.

(The problem is, what happens if the Microsoft driver version number is 4.6.13 and the vendor's version number for their newer revision of the same driver is 2.9?)

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