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Comment Re:Funny this was submitted by kdawson (Score 1) 634

Oh, all the time. Hannity routinely takes comments out of context to ascribe statements to people that the opposite of what they actually said. Obama had a speech where he said something to the effect of, "Some people say we're in decline. I disagree." Hannity quoted and ranted, "He said, '...we're in decline'! he hatez america!" They've edited video to distort the plain meaning of what someone was saying. And wasn't it them who touched up photos to make two journalists, who were reporting something embarassing to the Republican Party, look 'more Jewish' ? Why yes, Mr. Orwell, it was.

Seriously, there's a conservative case to be made on most issues, but Fox news will not present it or anything else but the most brazen political propaganda. Other media outlets might get the story wrong, might emphasize something irrelevant (though usually in a rightward lean), but Fox is a party organ in the style of Pravda.

They lie.

Comment Yep: Policy. Enforcement. Audit. (Score 1) 98

3 separate realms.

Policy to define what's allowed (you haz a policy, whether it is written down or even thought about).

Enforcement of that policy. FW, IPS, application fw. The higher in the stack the fw goes, the closer it should be in the net topology to the target it defends.

Audit the enforcement of that policy. IDS, stats, flow.

And rather than tie everything together, how about focus on the 3-4 sources that really kick ass? FW logs are not useful. Focus on what your targets are doing, not what the millions of bots are prevented from doing. is your source for clear thinking on this subject.

Comment NYT is right to show the cost of the war (Score 1) 321

It's the role of the press to bring us the story, especially if the powers that be want it hushed up. I think the Pentagon was chickenshit to hide the homecomings up to this point. Did you see that under the new process, 3/4 of families are fine with the photographs? Someone struck exactly the right note, giving families the right to make the call.

My agenda is truth. The truth is some of our people come back dead. It dishonors their memories to pretend otherwise, and to minimize their sacrifice. So I'm not willing to accept your formulation that its just a political bias that determines whether one should or will approve of their publishing the events.

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