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Comment Re:Oh noes! (Score 1) 391

Of course the military wants more soldiers and money, that's the nature of the forces. However, what's at issue here is were these soldiers lying to the Congress in order to get their way?

I don't find it that difficult to believe that when Senators showed up, the military gives them a finely crafted Potemkin village of happy Afghans and maps showing the Taliban all in retreat. Anyone who watches BBC or Al Jazeera English knows that's just not the case.

Comment AJ (Score 5, Informative) 221

What's pretty disturbing is that the government is so gullible over such a lie that's ridiculous on its face. Really, secret messages from Al Qaeda in Al Jazeera? Why not hidden messages from Al Qaeda on MTV or CNN? That would be just as plausible.

I'm still mystified by how much neocons despise the channel. No wonder Bush planned to bomb Al Jazeera, he was so quick to jump onto the false notion. Never mind that Al Qaeda hates Al Jazeera and has done so for years (AQ supporters call it "Al-Khinzeera," which means The Pig)

Comment Re:Same time? (Score 1) 365

Sure, IF you were posting about the event, it legally isn't something actionable. According to the article, the posting was how she needs to go to the gym. That will make most people believe she posted that before the accident (if she posted it immediately after the accident and 911 she'd be a pretty sick person). I'd say she's very likely to lose this suit.

Comment Re:Beautiful (Score 1) 334

"as far as you're aware"?
Do you watch Iranian TV channels? How about international news channels based in the region like Al Jazeera? Don't speak Arabic or Farsi? How about PressTV or AJE? (they both have "Watch live online" buttons)

Still No? Then it's kinda bold of you to say that it's something like zero people who articulate balanced critiques of Israeli foreign policy. Has it occurred to you that news outlets like CNN will never air such material unless it's inflammatory and "News-worthy?" Believe it or not, there are intelligent and rational people in other parts of the world who have forums, commentators, and Op-ed pages just like the US and Europe do.

Comment Terror? (Score 1) 96

Mice scare people. If you release them into a baggage claim area to check for bombs, wouldn't you start a stampede of people and all-around terror?

If I tried this at an airport with a box of mice, I'd get arrested. If the TSA or Israel's equivalent tries it, I suppose it would be legal because of their power?

(I'm half joking, I don't think they'd just release mice into a crowd without warning)

Comment Personal Computer (Score 1) 449

Isn't the term Personal Computer becoming anachronistic? A minicomputer might have been considered small when the term was first coined, but today the term is useless. As for Personal computing, my iPhone is more personal to me than my laptop. Should we rethink these terms and call current PCs something new?

Comment Re:Against who? (Score 1) 175

Actually, you have it totally wrong. Iran is a Shia country, they don't believe in a caliphate, they believe in Velayat-al-Faqih. That's not a threat to Europe, since Iran formed theirs via democracy in their constitution.

Bin Laden wants a caliphate, but that's not why he ordered terrorist attacks. He said so himself in his videos, he wants the US out of "Muslim lands" so they can get rid of their dictatorships and thus let the people form a caliphate.

Comment Flipped? (Score 2, Interesting) 422

Pretend for a moment that a Muslim posted on Twitter that a UK politician should be stoned to death. Considering the attempted murder of a MP recently and the UK removing YouTube videos, I'm sure that they'd get arrested. I doubt slashdotters would stand up for him in the same manner as they're doing for this jerk.

Comment More details needed in story summary (Score 4, Interesting) 141

Despite the numerous slashdot articles and buzz about it, I'm seeing scant actual details.

How was it delivered? Via Internet? Botnet? Unknown at this time? According to the article it "can spread using several vectors."
It also says 2 of the 4 zero-day vulnerabilities have been patched by MS.

The article about a possible attack scenario leads more credibility to the claim that there had to be inside help. You need people on the inside for Reconnaissance and deployment. Even if it was spread from the internet, someone had to get ahold of the security certificates to crack them and know the specific types of PLCs in use. The arrests that recently took place in Iran are making a lot more sense, despite all the knee-jerk condemnation from the /. posters.

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