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Comment Re:In decades of developing and promoting tech (Score 2) 304

My favorite customer is related to yours. This customer knows exactly what he wants, in detail, and you deliver it to him exactly as he asked for it, and they don't like it. Mind you, you make lots of helpful suggestions along the way, which they hate. Then they go to another vendor, and they get exactly what you pitched them.

Comment Re:More regulations (Score 3, Insightful) 115

A number is not proof of identity. It is a reference number to help establish that you are who you say you are. Having identifying information, like a Social Security Number is not proof of identity, it simply is a tool in what should be a chain of tools to help one verify (key word) identity.

People who accept it as "proof" of identity are misusing it, and should be held accountable for that misuse. Any Line of Credit established without enough other evidence is itself evidence of lack of due diligence.

Comment Re:FFS (Score 2) 252

This is akin to Russia buying 1000-foot-tall billboards above every voting place in battleground states

Not quite. The $100,000 Facebook "Russian" ads pales in comparison to the nearly 2 billion spent on the Presidential Election (Nearly 1.5 billion in favor of Clinton).

What the means is that Clinton's marketing was fucked up. And the Democrats keep on this narrative, it makes them look even worse than before.

Comment Re:Maybe use with gens (Score 0) 167

Which is funny given the MediaMatters take on it that it was the Republicans that were giving that excuse, when I saw Democrats explaining the incompetence of the officials in Puerto Rico, including one vocal mayor who couldn't be bothered to attend logistics meetings but managed to get custom shirt and hat made.

Comment Re:We need more guns (Score 1) 1219

Yeah, never mind that pesky 2nd Amendment and all the court decisions holding it up. What we need are more crappy judges who write their own laws arbitrarily abrogating the liberties of the people because the left can't actually get laws passed that make sane sense.

Filed under the "you have to pass it to see whats in it".

Comment Re:Then they're idiots (Score 1) 397

I actually know quite a few people in IT (Shocking I know!) in all sorts a various areas, and the one thing that distinguishes them from your average person is insatiable hunger for knowledge.

While I am sure there are those that only want to code, the majority (vast??) want to understand the problem so that they can actually code more effectively and efficiently. Understanding the problem they are coding for makes it easier to code for exceptions (there are always exceptions) and around potential pitfalls.

There is nothing worse than writing code out, and discovering after you've built a half million lines of code that you have to re-code everything to solve a problem you had no idea was even possible. Understanding the real problem helps eliminate those kinds of problems.

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