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Comment Re:Socialism on the march (Score 1) 696

UBI is going to pay for basic accommodation, food and other necessities.

Its called "welfare" and we have it now. Food Stamps, subsidized housing, and all the rest for "basic necessities". The biggest problem with UBI, is that it fails to make exactly what "basic accommodation" is. And if it were ever defined, it would change, upwards, because "it isn't fair" enough. (fair being subjective).

The whole point of UBI is that it isn't "fair" to the people actually paying the bills.

Comment Re:Socialism on the march (Score 1) 696

I get free healthcare.

It isn't free, someone (probably even you) pays for it. All you've done is add in a bunch of middleware making it more expensive, less effective. There are all sorts of models that work better, the problem with almost all of them is that it takes control away from do-good liberal governments and puts it back into the hands of the people. Health Care Cooperatives have all sorts of cost advantages. Mainly, they don't have to hire middleware agents to work with other middleware agents who have nothing to do with health care.

Comment Re:High-Frequency Lawyering (Score 1) 103

If my AI is competing against a human using billable hours, and can do things in minutes vs weeks/years, then the AI will win, as I will be able to send my AI against more humans than a slow human could. This means, efficiencies are brought into the market and the results are eventually the humans won't be able to compete.

If one AI can replace a million human lawyers/clerks/interns/paralegals, it should.

Comment Re:This is gonna get real ugly (Score 1) 103

Here is my recent medical diagnosis. ...

problem with eye, go to Dr, looks at me across the room, conjunctivitis and a prescription for antibiotic drops
Returned a week later, no results, more antibiotic drops
Returned a week later, no results, antibiotic pills
Week later, ordered MRI,"Go to the ER"
Hospital stay for 7 days, infused with three different hi powered Antibiotics... Hmmm curious
Transferred to Stanford Medical, two days Anti-biotic, changed diagnosis prescribed steroids.
Immediate results. (Literally over night)
Problem returns (over months) biopsy, another biopsy ...
See several specialists, return to Stanford, diagnosis changed again.
Currently on cancer drugs for an inflammation disease.
Marginal results.

Bitch of a case. I am still not entirely convinced that the current diagnosis is correct. Why? because the "normal" treatment haven't and aren't really working. One thing I learned, is Doctors don't like being wrong, but won't admit it easily when they are.

Comment Re:This is gonna get real ugly (Score 1) 103

I would suggest to you (and the GP) that you are correct, except for one thing. When capitalism abandon's people there is usually someone else to pick of the slack ... for a price. When socialism abandons people, it ends up like Venezuela, a totalitarian hell hole.

You cannot take someone who refuses to adapt themselves to changing economic, political, and social conditions, and wave the money wand and make it all better.

But you can wave more government provided goodies and they'll vote for you.

Comment Re:Just the beginning (Score 2, Insightful) 452

Remember, the Republicans had some 16 candidates to chose from, while the Democrats ostensibly only had one, being the Bernie never had a chance against the rigged DNC election machine. The bad choice of the Republicans is their choice of their party members, the bad choice of the Democrats was the DNC choice. The fact that Bernie made a significant run and almost beat Hillary shows you how bad a candidate she really was.

Hillary Loss is fully on the DNC and Hillary as a candidate.

That, and the US Presidential Election is almost always a lose lose proposition. That is the nature of the two party electoral nonsense.

Comment Re:Just the beginning (Score 1) 452

You're right, but you're also wrong.

The masses have always been easy to manipulate. But when you look at logic and reason, the whole persuasion of the left is based on Mass Hysteria. "People are starving, we must raise taxes to feed the starving people! " Even right now, people are wanting to raise taxes, because there "are hungry people ..." or some edge case anecdotal evidence is proof of widespread horror. My current tax rate is approaching 50% (all taxes, fees, mandated payments etc), and yet, we STILL can't get everyone fed right? Tell me how that is even possible?

My opinion is, that most liberals want OTHERS to pay for things they themselves are unwilling to pay for.

Comment Re:Just the beginning (Score 2) 452

As in, Brexit was obviously the wrong move.

Define "wrong move" here. Please, without referring to articles explaining your point of view. In your own words, explain.

Because every time I've asked a liberal elitist to explain why Brexit was bad, and when they could actually answer, it was usually about things that probably won't happen, and if they do happen, probably won't be nearly as bad as the liberals think. Kind of like Trump. The world is going to end! the Russians are coming!!! OMG Trump is going to personally rape your daughter and eat your puppies!

Stop believing the hyperbole. It is ridiculous

Comment Re:Just the beginning (Score 1) 452

Trump and Hillary are both stupid choices. Pretending one is worse than the other is stupid. And just because you don't understand why people voted a certain way is your own stupidity.

At least I understand why people voted for Trump and Clinton. They weren't stupid people doing it. At least with Trump, they had choices (16 of them) to choose from. People voting for Clinton only had ... Clinton and Bernie, and she made sure he couldn't win. So liberals didn't have a choice beyond Stupid, which is stupid.

Don't let your stupid butthurt get in the way of your reality.

Comment Re:Socialism on the march (Score 2, Insightful) 696

Well, socialism always works, until it reaches the Tipping point of collapse, and then it falls apart quickly. Remember the Bernie Sanders' paradise of Venezuela ? Ever wonder why he doesn't speak of it any more? Or Greece, or any number of countries that have tried, and failed at socialism. It always fail, eventually.

People are self interested, and socialism fails to account for that. People will choose the easy way until it fails, never learning that value comes from what is hard and rare.

Universal Income doesn't account for everyone not working, when they are promised income for ... "not working". It assumes most people will find meaninful work, when the reality is, most people won't, especial when taxes start to creep over 50% (feudal tax rate).

Comment Re:U3 Unemployment is a Complete and Utter Lie (Score 1) 198

I was there in 2010-11. The only people who thought it was rolling were the delusional democrats who just had a couple full years of owning Senate, House and White House. That's why the Republicans won the house, then the senate, and now the White House. They will likely lose the house in 2 years, the Senate and possibly the White House in 4, because they are that stupid.

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